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7 Tips for cultivating cut flowers

Cultivating flowers

Having one outdoor space, whether it be a garden, large or small, or a terrace, is always a great blessing, especially for those who had a passion for plants and flowers. If you love flowers and want to also use them to adorn the rooms of the house or make great bouquet to give away at every opportunity excellent idea it is to cultivate species adapted to be severed.

Have in their garden some species of flowers ideal to be cut is a great way to save money in the purchase of expensive bouquets and to be able to bring into the home a little of nature.

The flowers are valuable allies in the design of home environments; the beauty of a bouquet colorful and fragrant can literally transform the atmosphere of a room, also the flowers are always appreciated gifts and can brighten our home and change our mood.

Cultivating flowers
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But always have a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers in the house has a substantial cost if you decide to purchase them from a florist; unlike them comfortably in your own garden it will cost us virtually nothing, but a small initial investment, and so much passion for gardening.

It is not necessary to have a great deal of free land to grow flowering species cutting, some plants carefully selected will be enough to have a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers every week.

We see, then, are some tips provided by the experts on the cultivation of those varieties of plants.

1) Deciding to start the cultivation of flowering species within and starting from seeds will be able to start work even in winter, thus ensuring abundant cropped up since the following spring.

You should use seed-beds ideal for the purpose and place in a warm area and repaired the house.

2) Select the quality rather easy to cultivate, especially if you are the first experience, and those with a higher yield in the production of flowers.

Plants like Zinnia (available in many varieties, dwarf or giant, with beautiful flowers of different sizes and colors such as yellow, pink and red), the Dahlia (of which there are countless hybrids and varieties) and Cosmos(ornamental species very often present in temperate climates), they are perfect for this purpose, have an abundant production and grow easily, without major maintenance work.

With five examples for each of these species will we ensure a good production, growing both from early spring.

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3) When the time comes to transplant the seedlings outside, prepared the ground with patience and care. Use the ideal soil for the species that have decided to cultivate and always add a part of organic matter, which is essential to get a good production of flowers.

4) Select an area of the garden that is not in full sun exposure but has very bright, such as a sunny area among the trees or shrubs of the lawn.

5) For a healthy and lush growth of flowering species it is essential to have adequate irrigation, preferably a real system that will assure your flowers a constant and controlled presence of moisture.

6) One of the biggest enemies of long-stemmed flowers is the wind; will be necessary to protect the plants from drafts, a good way can be to plant them along the fence or shelter in the bushes.

7) Immediately removed the rotten or faded flowers so as to facilitate the new production, and check the plants by observing the presence of any pests or insects that could damage the flowering.

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