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How and when to plant in the garden tagete


If we like organic farming must be clear that we must use the resources and support that gives us nature in combating pests or improve productivity, we mean the flora and auxiliary fauna, of which we have already spoken several times in the blog, many plants help us attract beneficial insects to the garden or just to repel pests of our plants, this is what is known as an auxiliary flora.

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This auxiliary plant goes unnoticed sometimes because it “does not produce” food and many people do not contemplate in their gardens but put flowers and aromatic is more interesting for all the work they do for us, and we have seen how and why we should plant rosemary or lavender or even Basil, to which we will add and know more every year to have a garden full of color and especially a garden that takes care of itself.

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The tagete, carnation of India or marigold is a plant fussy about soil so we can put it in almost every garden, it is important that it does not need water, you must have continuous irrigation and always will grow best in full sun , although semi shade survive is not the best choice.

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