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Gardening in January, follow the calendar ends meet

With the arrival of January is a good time to put away the tools for a while ‘time . But remember that before needing maintenance, also because in a few months will serve you again and you better find them quickly in good condition and ready to use.

In this period of apparent stagnation it is also the right time to design all new jobs that you want to pursue in the coming seasons , both in your garden that your garden.

Of course, even though you are in the middle of winter, nature never stops. If your garden has a tunnel or a greenhouse is still possible to plant and grow vegetables successfully .

gardening-in-january-follow-the-calendar-ends-meetIt is still important to devote this time to the rest of the land , only in this way it will be possible to have crops and exciting blooms in the following seasons. But to achieve these results should best prepare distributing manure both in the garden and in the garden , so as to create an environment ready to welcome new plantings and new transplants.

Given that, at least at this time, there are not many crops to follow you can spend some ‘time to the garden : eliminated on a weekly basis all the branches and brushwood which inevitably occupy , try to keep clean the water sgrondi and avoid the accumulation of snow , especially in transit areas. To do so do not wait till the last moment, premunitevi of shovel and salt, so as to free at least in an easy manner of access and walkways.

If the garden and vegetable garden does not offer much in this time of year there are still all the plants in your home that require a lot of care and attention to overcome this challenging winter phase. With all these tasks you will have no way to bore you too much.

What does the January moon

The new year has arrived and you immediately enter in phase of the waxing moon, the first new moon of the year is indeed scheduled for 9 January .Here we leave you some guidelines to follow to best meet the calendar this month. Do not forget that, although it is for the majority of popular beliefs handed down by the rural populations, the benefits on the crop there. Seeing is believing! If no n have never followed the calendar ends meet why not start in 2012?

Since the last quarter of the moon in the vegetable garden we advise you to proceed with the lettuce seed cutting and radicchio. Naturally crops are to be implemented in the tunnel. In the orchard is the right time to collect scions for grafting.

In the garden and the terrace you have to dig the soil to prepare it for the best to welcome the new grafts.

With the arrival of the new moon in the garden, always under the tunnel, you can proceed with the planting of radishes. In the orchard you can instead pruning currant and apple trees, chestnut will instead necessarily need a nice trimmed. In the garden and on the terrace we can begin to deal with roses: it is already the best time to proceed with the planting of bare-root specimens.

The first quarter moon is propitious to begin designing new plants in the garden . The orchardinstead requires fertilization in anticipation of new plants. Garden and terrace, having finally cleared the plants withered by now, you can wash and disinfect waiting for new specimens vessels .

The full moon is scheduled for January 23. The garden can be finally prepared for the new crops.While in the orchard will begin to breathe the air of novelty: it can then be transplanted trees and fruit bushes. To prepare even the garden and terrace should be rechecked for good all garden toolsand you have to put in place all the machinery necessary for a ‘very good care of the plants. If some tools or some machinery, arise out of there all the time to replace them in peace. That’s why you should always act in time . To know more visit http://www.wecanclaimit.co.uk/

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