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Prepare the spring blooms: Flower bulbs in boxes

A flowered balcony everyone likes, especially if the blooms are to coincide with the arrival of spring.

When planting bulbs

If you act in time many bulbs will color your terraces and window sills since mid-March. The cassettes to house with spring flowering bulbs should be prepared at this time: it starts in mid-October and it is possible to go on for the entire month of November.

The specimens to be planted are varied, the most common are the dwarf tulips, narcissus, trumpet, and a sample Chinodoxa or less typical as Scilla sibirica .

During the autumn the bulbs period through a phase of vegetative rest, even if they are not completely inactive, in fact during this period are able to develop the root system .

prepare-the-spring-blooms-flower-bulbs-in-boxesIt then in the winter time that you will have the complete block of each type of vegetative activity , but as soon as the temperatures will start to become milder (or at least above zero) the plant will resume force. It ‘very easy to recognize this new stage: in fact observe the appearance of a sprout , this will follow the complete development of the plant.

Buy the best bulbs

The first item to check the process of purchasing new bulbs is their actual state of health : for excellent flowering is important that each bulb is present healthy and in good condition.

Normally, especially in the garden center as supplied , you can purchase individual bulbs or multi-packs . For a better conservation will find the bulbs contained within a mixture of sawdust and peat, this guarantees a balanced state of moisture necessary to maintain them at their best.

If you cannot bury the bulbs immediately after purchase, you must keep them in the dark and at temperatures not exceeding 10 ° C .

Choosing the right container for flower bulbs

The best location to accommodate the spring bulbs is definitely on a windowsill . In the spring of color donated by the bulbous flowers can give a good mood boost. To choose a suitable container is therefore necessary to adjust according to the size of its window sill , as regards instead the depth should always consider at least 15 centimeters.

In addition to the container it is important to use a suitable substrate : it is a choice to be made with care as the bulbs are very sensitive to the stagnation d ‘ water and may incur with ease to phenomena of decay. The ideal mix for bulbous plants is formed by 2 parts of universal soil, peat 3 and a part of coarse sand.

We discourage the use of soil previously used for other crops, even avoided old content in soil for a long time opened packages.

When you proceed with landfill we suggest you prepare a single row for tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, for many other bulbs can create a double row. In the first case it comes to flowers in discrete size, in the second case the beauty of flowering is given by the mass of color that is created with the set of more flowers.

How to plant the bulbs in boxes

Here practical gaps guidance on carrying a box of bulbs. Before proceeding make sure to have, in addition to the bulbs, the most suitable container and the best soil mix for the growth of the bulbous plants.

  1. First we made a drainage layer of approximately 2 – 4 centimeter on the box bottom, choose the expanded clay. Proceed then filling with soil, you need a rest period of about 10 days before proceeding with the planting of the bulbs
  2. Decide the format that you want to give the bulbs. The ideal burial depth is equal to the height of the bulb itself : bear this in mind before proceeding. Caution: Do not burry the bulb on the contrary, will not grow anything.
  3. Proceed with the watering , then repaired the soil with a layer of bark of conifers, it will do about two centimeters. Alternatively you can use expanded clay or a dry leaf layer (easily available in this season)
  4. When all landfill operations put the box in a sheltered position .The best place is against the wall of the house, sheltered under a gutter. Attention to moisture , could compromise the bulbs causing them to rot.

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