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6 Easy to grow annual plants starting from seeds


Start the cultivation starting from seeds is not always easy; especially as it regards the flowered species, many are decidedly difficult to grow using this method for the more experienced gardeners. But there are some ornamental varieties that anyone can decide to plant and grow from seed; we find out what plant it is and what are their main characteristics.

Any plant can be grown both starting from the seed from which seedlings have grown; very often prefers this second path because safer from the point of view of the final result. Grow a plant from seed means first wait a much longer time before you can enjoy the view of its flowers, in the case of flowering plants, and secondly to have a little luck more.

Already grown seedlings that are sold in garden centers have the advantage of having already got their roots and then their growth will certainly be easier; decide instead of starting from seeds is to risk a bit ‘more, but at the same time be able to enjoy the whole process from start to finish and draw the right satisfaction.

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In addition, the plants have already initiated a much higher cost than the seeds, and then click to cultivate some varieties from seed also means getting good results with a very low investment.

We see, then, some species of annual plants that also less experienced and budding gardeners can grow from seed.

As we said, these are annual varieties, i.e. plants that lasts a single season from the time of sowing; you will then need to sow them again the following year. Their cultivation can be started inside, about a couple of weeks before the end of winter, or directly on the ground if certain that the period of frost is over.

1. The Cosmos

It is a wildflower, a species very simple but at the same time very beautiful especially when grown in degrees quantities; the bloom will last throughout the summer and the Cosmos is perfect to be cultivated directly on the ground.

The main feature that makes this plant so appreciated is its lively and intense color, ranging from purple to pink to white. This variety grows well both in full sun and in partial shade, it is not demanding in terms of land, but not resist well to drought.

2. Nasturtium

The Nasturtium is a flower and variously intensely colored, his tones are hot and range from red to yellow to orange; the flower is also edible and can also be used in cooking to compose dishes or salads.

This species is ideal to be cultivated in flower boxes or flower beds large, but also to create borders with the purpose of separating the various areas of the garden; The Nasturtium appreciates a sunny location, but in case of very hot summers is the perfect shade.

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3. The Sunflower

The ornamental sunflower can be of various colors, just choose what you like best.

As he tells us his name, the sunflower to grow well needs a very sunny location; it prefers a fertile, moist and constantly irrigated. The seeds should be buried to a depth of about 3 cm.

4. The ornamental grasses

The so-called ornamental grasses are plants simple and durable and require minimal maintenance.

These species are precious allies in the creation of borders and the creation of beautiful landscapes because it can give verticality to garden design.

5. The California poppy

The California poppy is like the Cosmos, a flower of the field; this magnificent plant can grow well in any type of soil, it is very resistant to drought and its blooms of beautiful colors, the shades of pink and orange, they are able to create very evocative atmosphere.

6. The Zinnia

The zinnia is a large flower beauty and elegance, of which there are many varieties for different colors and shapes.

This species prefers an acidic soil, rich in organic matter, always moist but well drained.

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