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10 plants to purify the house from indoor pollutants


A handbook of plants to purify the house from indoor pollutants that cause diseases and headaches. A green solution at no cost to have a nice house and “clean”

A living room filled with plants and flowers is definitely full of charm and surround ourselves with the green has proven effects on our mood and our health. If we learn to choose the right plants to purify the environment, we can significantly reduce the concentration of pollutants in the rooms where we spend most of the time. This natural remedy will help us to live better, tutelandoci from respiratory illnesses and headaches related to pollution indoors.

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The 10 plants to purify the house from indoor pollutants

1 – Palma bamboo

The bamboo is now famous for applications in construction and in the design world while few know his qualities that make it one of the best plants for purifying indoor environments. This prodigious graminacea fact is one of the best to filter out benzene and trichlorethylene, as well as formaldehyde.

2 – The Spathiphyllum

This plant with elegant white flowers is unbeatable in the struggle of volatile organic compounds traditional but also proves effective against toluene and xylene.

3 – The mother-in-law tongue

This very common species from interior has good quality in purifying the formaldehyde, harmful substance present in many cleaning products. It ‘a good idea to put it in environments that are washed frequently such as bathroom or kitchen, as it resists well even in the darkest spaces.

4 – Ivy

The most famous among climbers is one of the plants to purify environments that combats formaldehyde and pollutants transmitted by domestic animals. Appenderne someone in the living room beautify the house neutralizing odors.

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5 – Ficus benjamina

This elegant and delicate plant helps us to eliminate harmful pollutants found in cigarette smoke. Often airing the rooms and arranging some ficus able to control the pollutants linked to tobacco while abbellirete the living room.

6 – Azalea

The most famous in the family of rhododendrons with its voluminous flowers gives a touch of color and purifies the air of formaldehyde and other pollutants found in glues and paints without suffering damage by the absorption of poisons.

7 – Dracaena

This streamlined and robust plant helps combat the pollutants present in oils and solvents and is able to absorb about 90% of the benzene present in a room. It should place it in spacious environments because the height that can reach is amazing.

8 – Boston Fern

This species usually lives in the undergrowth can filter 20 micrograms per hour of formaldehyde; it is very robust, lives with little light and prefers fairly moist environments.

9 – Anthurium

The Anthurium is one of the best plants for purifying the ammonia environments and filter it manages to 10 micrograms per hour while it has excellent characteristics even against the xylene and toluene.

10 – Falangio varied

This plant is also perfect for those who have a green thumb, it is very robust and survives in almost all conditions while filtering benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene.

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