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Arrangement Of A Bouquet Of Roses

Arrangement Of A Bouquet Of Roses

You can give flowers to your beloved woman about and without reason. The very fact of the gift is already giving the weak sex a pleasure. Order a beautiful bouquet of roses have the opportunity on our blog. The gift can be supplemented with a box of chocolates, a soft toy, balloons.

Self-contained packaging

You can entrust the packaging of flowers to specialists, and, if you want to show your personal creative abilities, you can pack a gift yourself. First of all, they are determined with the number and color of the plants in the bouquet. The composition can include single-color flowers. It can be of the following types:

  • Bouquet with the use of floral foam. He can be given any form by showing a fantasy. A composition with a heart shape looks romantic;
  • In the classical composition, plants are located side by side (opposite each other) or in the form of a spiral.

Arrangement Of A Bouquet Of Roses

Floral foam as an element of decor

For a bouquet decorated with floral foam, you need roses up to 10 cm long. The flowers are removed by thorns and leaves under the stem. Foam must be thoroughly moistened. Plants are installed at the base close to each other. Cut off the leaves of roses attached to the base of the side. The composition can be supplemented with ribbons, beads, imitating pearls, decorative butterflies.

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Traditional composition

When the plants that make up the composition are few, they are located next to each other. Components of the composition are exposed on one level and bandaged with stems. As a decor use also a film, a floral grid or kraft paper.

To do this, on the table or in the hands of all the components of the bouquet are stacked on one level. Then the stems are bandaged with tape. If desired, the bouquet can be wrapped with a film, decorative mesh or paper.Arrangement Of A Bouquet Of Roses

The spiral variant is used in the presence of a large number of plants. The basis for such a composition is one rose, which is held in the left hand. The others have a spiral method, shifting them downwards. Stems of colors I place at an angle, thus they do not stir to each other and between them, there is some space.

Florists share secrets

When decorating a composition, it’s good to know the tastes and preferences of the person to whom the gift is intended. Then the bouquet will not only look original but also deliver to the recipient his pleasure. In addition, there are a number of postulates that are adhered to by professional florists:

  • It is considered a bad form to give bouquets fully wrapped in cellophane or foil. Do not wrap flowers with crepe paper or polyester ribbons that have gone out of fashion.
  • It is desirable that the composition does not lose its naturalness. As a wrapper, corrugated paper, floral mesh, jute ropes are used.
  • The wrapper should promote the disclosure of the beauty of plants, but in no way attract unnecessary attention.
  • The same rule applies to the rest of the decorative elements. They should complement the composition, but not stand out against its background.
  • Plants must be cut early in the morning and stored in a room with a low temperature. A bouquet of such flowers can stand for a long time.
  • It must be remembered that not all flowers blend well with each other.

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