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What Are The Purple Bouquets Of The Bride?

What Are The Purple Bouquets Of The Bride?

The wedding is a great occasion to show your taste and refined style when creating the image of the bride and decorating the whole celebration as a whole. For those who prefer to stand out, use those unique nuances that are not beaten or are rarely used, there is an opportunity to play with color. A purple bridal bouquet is able to emphasize individuality, romance, and gloss.

Holiday of love

Even in childhood, girls think about how they will look in a wedding dress, what it will be, what accessories will be used to give an image of refined charm. Growing up, the girls carefully think over small details, and many features of the image appear brighter and clearer.

Purple is a mix of purple and pink. Gentle notes of pink shades soften the rich and bright primary color. The preference for such a palette is given by individuals who are confident and critical of others. These young ladies are very important the opinion of those who surround them and evaluates. As a rule, such weddings are held at the highest level, as they are thought out to the smallest details.

What Are The Purple Bouquets Of The Bride?

Like any color, lilac has many shades and modulations. When combining the main color in the bouquet and the design of the celebration should take into account this moment. Light purple tones perfectly harmonize with soothing tones – beige, pink and white. This color scheme is perfect for a summer celebration in the midst of nature.

A deeper and more contrasting tone of mauve delightfully decorates the evening celebration. It can also serve as the main background against which it is possible to distinguish orange, yellow, all shades of gray.

To give lightness and lightness, it is worthwhile to apply a calm background, and in lilac to arrange flower compositions on the tables, small decorations in the form of ribbons on wine glasses or bows on the chairs. To give a warm atmosphere to a warm color to lilac, add red shades, and to create cool colors – blue or blue.

Flowers for a bouquet

When forming a flower arrangement for the bride, which will not only accompany her throughout the day but will also favorably emphasize the girl’s individuality and elegance, you can use not only those flowers that are painted in this color by florists. Nature has created many representatives of the flower world, whose shade will perfectly fit into the bridal bouquet in lilac.

What Are The Purple Bouquets Of The Bride?

It is a wedding flower arrangement that will make the accent of a purple hue:

  • The touching lavender is in perfect harmony with the cornflowers. Such a composition will delight those who prefer seasonal field flowers.
  • The fragrant lilac will also create a magnificent bouquet with cornflowers or daisies – symbols of family and love. Such compositions conquer with their magnificent natural color and give the image a touching helplessness.
  • Saturated and calm tones of orchids in lilac color are the best fit for such a celebration. This flower has always personified mystery and refinement, which is so consonant with the female soul.
  • Roses – frequent guests in the wedding bouquet. To achieve the desired shades of petals of this queen today is not difficult. White roses are the basis for flowers of any shade after dying. This refers to flowers with white petals of any kind. However, it should be remembered that the age of such plants is short compared with unpainted flowers.
  • Spherical large hydrangea inflorescences look great in the bridal bouquet, especially since nature has made sure that this color is natural.
  • Hyacinths, tulips, – the choice of representatives of flora in lilac color is very wide. If there is a desire to combine this tone with shades of white, pink or blue, then the use of the most unexpected plants in the composition becomes simply limitless.

What Are The Purple Bouquets Of The Bride?

Celebration decoration

In order for the image of the bride to be harmonious and the flowers in their hands do not look like a bright spot; it is worth taking care of the color inclusions in the girl’s outfit. Small details in the form of a belt, shoes, fresh flowers in a hairstyle to match the lilac, a handbag, and boutonniere on the lapel of the groom’s jacket will help to “reconcile” the bride’s composition with the image of a wedding dress.

In addition, care should be taken of what color accents should be done in the banquet hall in order to create a single whole with the color decisions in the bride’s attire. It can be thin ribbons on wine glasses, balloons in lilac, purple and pink tones, bows on the chairs of guests. Add colors and stands in the invitation cards for friends and relatives.

The combination of gold, black and lilac look original and stylish. You can also beat a combination of gold, silver and primary color.

The combination of dress and flower arrangement

Lilac bridal bouquet can create a different shape. The choice of the structure of the flower ensemble depends on many points.

What Are The Purple Bouquets Of The Bride?

Not every bouquet will suit this or that girl. The composition should be combined with growth, build and the style of dress that the young lady chose:

  • The round, spherical shape of the bouquet, when the flowers are placed tightly around each other in a circle and somewhat obliquely, will suit fragile short brides. All flared styles of a wedding dress will harmoniously look with this form of composition. Any inclusions of purple ruffles on a dress in lilac are welcome in a dress for such an unusual wedding shade.
  • The cascade form of a flower arrangement consists of several tiers of flowers that seem to float on each other. Numerous drop-down components of the bouquet create a waterfall effect. This form is suitable for tall slim brides who have chosen for themselves the style of a fitting wedding dress. The cascade form of the bouquet as if “cuts off” the growth and creates the effect of elegance and refinement.
  • Freeform today is a priority for florists. Deliberate disheveled composition emphasizes the naturalness and naturalness of fresh flowers. This form is the most difficult to create and is universal for any bride. Even girls in a position with pleasure use this method of forming a bouquet, since this is the optimal composition that hides the abdomen due to the free location of the plants.

Any wedding outfit, all sorts of color solutions give the young girl tenderness and fragile elegance just because this outfit is the wedding. He always decorates and makes a happy young bride.

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