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5 Ideas To Beautify The Balcony In Spring

5 Ideas To Beautify The Balcony In Spring

For those who love flowers, spring is definitely the most awaited moment to start taking care of their buds.

At the first warmth of March, when nature wakes up and everything resumes color it’s time to think of some ideas for your balcony in spring.

After the long winter hibernation, the flowered terraces finally mark the arrival of the beautiful season and enliven the colors of our houses. The flowers are able to give us splendid sensations not only to sight but also to the spirit, as they are able to rejoice and enliven any context.

Even a balcony can be transformed into a beautiful flower garden if we choose the right flowers and the most suitable devices for proper cultivation.

5 Ideas To Beautify The Balcony In Spring

If we want to have the first sprouts at spring break then it is advisable to sow or burrow the bulbs sometime before. Then there is the possibility that the flowers invaded the previous year grows back spontaneously, if well preserved and protected during the winter season.

It all depends on the area in which we live, the climate, the temperatures, and solar exposure.

Based on these assumptions, the flowers to be preferred are those of our greatest taste, but there are 5 solutions that can go well everywhere.


Of the Primulaceae family, the primrose, which offers many variations of color, is the most common type of food on the terraces and is an excellent idea for the balcony in spring.

Present since the early months of the year, the primrose is a strong flower that can withstand even low temperatures, so much so that the wild species appears in the meadows, as soon as the snowpack melts.

5 Ideas To Beautify The Balcony In Spring

Primrose is a bud that does not need much water and lots of suns, preferring a cool environment with filtered lighting.

Cultivated in pots, the primrose grows well in an acid and light soil, requiring a daily watering with fortnightly fertilization.

In general, the transplant is carried out in order to expose the plants already at the end of winter. Alternatively, sowing with fresh seed must take place in April with flowering at the end of the following winter.


Even the violets are a great idea for the balcony in spring, because they adapt to any environment, resisting very well to temperatures and sunshine.

Violet is a plant of the Violaceae family which includes more than a hundred species offering a wide range of colors available.

5 Ideas To Beautify The Balcony In Spring

Very static flower like primrose, it does not need a lot of care and it resists very well even on the rather airy terraces, although it seems fragile and delicate.

The violets prefer the very fertile and nutrient-rich soils, not surprisingly, they develop spontaneously and in large numbers on the lawns, infesting even very large areas.

The violet prefers the shaded areas and in this case, requires a watering after two days.

The sowing of this flower takes place at the end of summer in such a way that at the beginning of spring the shoots can be glimpsed.


Alternatively, to the previous two types, the ‘ azalea is an excellent solution to the ideas for the balcony in the spring. Much more delicate than violet and primrose, the azalea, native to Japan, is a flower that if properly cared for can live very long.

The azalea needs temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees and therefore offers its maximum splendor in late spring when the climate is warmer. Even during the winter, it must be carefully stored in dry and illuminated places that respect the aforementioned temperature requirements.

5 Ideas To Beautify The Balcony In Spring

Despite this, lower temperatures lead to a slower and longer lasting flowering.

They are preferable rather acidic soils with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus percentages in a 3-2-1 ratio.

Watering is dictated by the drought conditions of the soil and must take place in constant quantities, but not abundant.

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Another nice idea for the balcony in spring is the Anemones.

There are about 150 varieties of this flower with bushy growth.

5 Ideas To Beautify The Balcony In Spring

Of the Ranunculaceae family, the anemones can grow up to 15 centimeters and therefore, suitable to be arranged in vases on the ground or alternatively in flower beds.

This variety blooms in mild climates and although it requires a good sun exposure does not like too hot temperatures and excessive sun exposure that is too direct.

This flower does not require abundant watering but prefers a moist soil without stagnation. The soil must also be rich in nutrients and tending to acidity, then fertilized often.


Even the crocuses due to their particular shape and the vivacity of the existing nuances are one of the many ideas for the balcony in spring.

The crocuses spontaneously bloom at the end of winter and represent one of the most widespread floral primacies.

5 Ideas To Beautify The Balcony In Spring

Cultivated in pots on terraces, they resist well even at low temperatures at the end of winter.

They do not require abundant quantities of water and adapt to any environment, preferring the brightest and freshest ones.

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