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What Are The Bouquets Of The Bride Are In Burgundy Color?

What Are The Bouquets Of The Bride Are In Burgundy Color?

A luxurious wedding that will be remembered for life and will stand out among others with exquisite decoration – this is the cherished desire of every young girl who gets married. Such a significant difference with the similarity of scenarios of this celebration can be a burgundy bridal bouquet. It is the color scale that is able to create an element of dissimilarity and originality, not only in the image of the bride but also in the design of the whole event.

Bordeaux color

This color has always been considered noble – the color of a unique expensive wine, a deep gleam of ruby, the color of ripe grapes and pomegranate. No wonder burgundy – the main color of the mantle of kings and upholstery expensive furniture. This shade symbolizes the desire for a high, aristocratic beginning. The symbol of nobility and luxury, burgundy will be the original color decision of the wedding celebration and the image of the bride.

What Are The Bouquets Of The Bride Are In Burgundy Color?

In order to “reconcile” the snow-white dress of a young girl with dark notes of burgundy, you should add some color inclusions in the form of fresh flowers in the bride’s hairstyle, belts on the dress, decorations in this color, shoes. Boutonniere for the groom is also done in shades of burgundy.

Banquet room also needs some decoration. Maroon additions in the form of balloons, ribbons on wine glasses, napkins and monograms on the invitation cards will allow you to create a single ensemble with the color of the bride’s bouquet.

To add contrast and soften the rich color, white buds or flowers in pastel colors can be added to the composition. The magnificent combination of burgundy with pale pink, cream, yellow, blue and red will create an unusual and harmonious bouquet.

If the bride chooses the color of the dress in the same tone, then the bouquet will definitely need to be diversified with inclusions of other shades. This must be done so that the floral ensemble does not merge with the dress.

Flower arrangements

Many gifts of nature have this noble shade. This is merit and breeders. The need for a greater variety of types of flowers in this noble color is long overdue. Burgundy bridal bouquet can be composed of many representatives of the flora:

  • Today, florists offer a large selection of plants, the color of the petals of which has a burgundy shade of different saturation. The most versatile and unique in their characteristics for flowers wedding composition – roses. These representatives of the flower world are in harmony with other colors and are a symbol of love and tenderness, which is so consonant with the image of the bride.

What Are The Bouquets Of The Bride Are In Burgundy Color?

  • Callas are majestic and luxurious flowers, a symbol of royal power and grandeur. These magnificent plants are frequent guests in wedding ensembles with different petal color. Not an exception and Bordeaux. Different forms of wedding bouquets create from callas. This versatility impresses florists and young brides so much.
  • Lily – another representative of the world of flowers, which is often used by florists to create a wedding bouquet. Lily is a symbol of purity of thoughts, loyalty, tenderness, and happiness. This symbolism of the flower allows you to form bouquets for the bride with a very deep meaning. In addition, the beauty of the plant and the unique flavor make it loved by many. Another advantage of the lily is its resistance to temperature extremes. And in the heat and frost, the flowers look perfect all day long.
  • Orchid – an exotic representative of the world of flowers. The symbolism of this plant is very deep. Harmony in family life, wisdom, and tenderness – this is an incomplete list of those characters that are enclosed in this flower. Both mono-bouquets with orchids and complex floral compositions with roses, lilies, and alstroemeria are good. Color burgundy is not so easy to find in floristic salons, but still, it is not the greatest difficulty in organizing a wedding.
  • Bouquets with burgundy tulips look unusual, but in the spring such a combination would emphasize the spring component of the composition and the tenderness of the bride. Tulips symbolize youth, love, and fragility, which will give the bouquet a special charm and refinement.
  • Dahlias, peonies, burgundy varieties of cornflowers, fuchsia, rudbeckia, and many other flowering plants create unique floral ensembles for the bride in burgundy color.

Burgundy flowers can not only highlight the color of a luxurious bridal bouquet but also emphasize the special status and high position, wealth and exquisite taste.

Forms of wedding bouquets

When forming a wedding composition, it is necessary to take into account many nuances: the growth and build of the girl, the model of the wedding dress, the hair color and the skin color of the bride. All this is necessary to know an experienced florist to create a perfect bouquet, which will be one with the image of the bride.

What Are The Bouquets Of The Bride Are In Burgundy Color?

If a girl decided to create a wedding composition on her own, then knowledge of certain laws of creating floral compositions will definitely not hurt:

  • The round shape of the bouquet is a classic when creating a flower ensemble, but it will suit more small and fragile girls.
  • The cascade form of the composition consists of several tiers of colors as if flowing over each other. The abundance of hanging elements creates a waterfall effect. Such compositions are suitable for tall and slim brides. They visually “cut off” the growth, which is not suitable for those who are already short.
  • The free form of the bouquet, assembled in a deliberately disorderly style, is universal and suitable, like a cascade, even for girls in position. This form of a bouquet differs disheveled with protruding elements, which emphasizes the naturalness of the composition.

Some recommendations regarding the wedding bouquet are in other areas:

  • Do not allow too much weight composition. For a young fragile person, this burden will be unbearable throughout the day.
  • The strong aroma of some representatives of the flora causes a headache. Even if you love a flower, you still need to think about including it in the composition.
  • Blond and fair-skinned brides are more suited to bouquets in pastel colors, and dark-haired brunettes should choose the color scheme more brightly.

It is possible that in the choice of colors, a composition of the bouquet and its shape you will hold your own opinion. The main thing is that the decision was made by the newlyweds, since this holiday is for them, and on this day they should be absolutely happy.

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