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What Are The Most Fashionable Bouquets In 2020?

What Are The Most Fashionable Bouquets In 2018?

Flowers are able to delight, delight, touch, and no matter presented a bouquet for a magnificent celebration on the occasion of the anniversary or on a weekday as a compliment. Every year, floristics offers sophisticated clients new and original solutions in color and combination of plants, but nevertheless, we expect even more fresh and unusual ideas from professionals in the field of composition. The year 2020 was no exception, and we look forward to the most fashionable bouquets.

What Are The Most Fashionable Bouquets In 2018?

Seasonality in compositions

Classic bouquets will never go out of fashion, the classics are always in trend, but there is a trend that changes the attitude towards the traditional composition of the composition.

The latest trend of fashion is a careless, slightly disheveled bouquet, which includes, at first glance, not quite compatible plants and color shades. Such experiments with flowers formed a new trend in fashion, allowing you to create unique floral arrangements that are distinguished by a new approach to the creation of interesting and original bouquets.

What Are The Most Fashionable Bouquets In 2018?

A new trend is the distinctive features of seasonal compositions. This trend is developing more and more and is recognized among customers of flower shops. These compositions emphasize the time of year when the floral ensemble is created for various celebrations and holidays:

  • Spring is the time of the awakening of all living things in nature when one wants something new and unusual. The variety of colors, sounds and smells in the spring gave impetus to create compositions that are consonant with this season. Florists suggest not being limited to traditional tulip mono-bouquets or mimosa. In spring compositions organically include different flowers with different colors. Gentle and touching such snowdrops are combined with proud daffodils, traditional roses, and sprigs of mimosa. Unbelievable combinations of flowers – crocuses, delphiniums, rudbeckia, monads with representatives of field plants and traditional, usual to us, orchids, roses, peonies, lilies – allow you to create extraordinary floral arrangements.
  • Summer is the time for the warm sun, the ripening of fruits and cereals, which also leaves its mark on the summer compositions. The most fashionable bouquets of flowers in 2020 include summer supplements – spikelet’s of cereals, berries. In addition, summer bouquets are distinguished by a variety of plant species and color blend. The abundance of green complements and refreshes the main background of the summer ensemble.
  • Fashion trends of autumn compositions imply more ambitious solutions in a combination of different colors – yellow, purple, violet, red. The compositions are replete with fruits, berries, branches of bushes and trees. Frequently today are bouquets consisting only of garden gifts without including flowers. Such compositions look very impressive and unusual.
  • Winter – it’s time for snow, frost and holidays. This leaves a special imprint on the creation of flower arrangements. Bouquets are different winter accents – silver sprigs, cotton, imitating snow, and the color palette varies from cold tones to bright and rich colors. Often, winter bouquets include elements of the New Year holiday – cones, beads, precious stones, sparkling like ice in the rays of the winter sun, sprigs of coniferous plants. Small red berries resemble toys on the Christmas tree. All this creates a special mood and feeling of celebration.

Bouquet for the holiday

In order not only to please the presentation of flowers but also to surprise with an extraordinary approach to the design of a bouquet, today there are a lot of solutions.

Such design approaches as the basket and hat box continue to be improved. These methods allow you to create optimal conditions for plants – floristic sponge soaked with water and a special composition that preserves the freshness of flowers is placed on the bottom. These elegant packages are becoming more sophisticated and are gaining new accents and accessories.

What Are The Most Fashionable Bouquets In 2018?

The choice of baskets today is huge. From small and compact to huge, baskets look very elegant and festive. Such a gift can be congratulated on any holiday or important significant event.

Hatbox – a special note in the composition. Purely female, she gives the gift a special charm and style. A beautiful fashionable bouquet can be combined with a new direction in floristics – with macaroons pastries. This creates a special shade for such a gift. Delicious sweets and elegant flowers complement each other so organically, and they liked the beautiful half of humanity so much that today it is the most demanded brand.

Fashion trends for wedding bouquets

The main fashion trends touched bouquets for brides. The main distinguishing feature in the composition of flower arrangements is a careless, slightly disheveled bouquet, which has become the main one for wedding ensembles.

Classic bouquets are relevant here, but for more courageous girls who are not afraid to experiment, florists offer unusual compositions in form and color.

What Are The Most Fashionable Bouquets In 2018?

The difference from the classic wedding bouquet is that the flowers seem to have just been collected. The buds do not fit tightly to each other, they are freely arranged in the composition, and some elements protrude beyond the limits of the main bouquet. Such a composition, with seeming simplicity, is much more difficult to create than the traditional round bridal bouquet.

Today, cascading compositions, bouquets of drop-shaped form and a variety of color solutions for every taste and desire to stand out with something special are also relevant.

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