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How Many Roses To Give To The Wedding?

How Many Roses To Give To The Wedding?

The most important and significant event in the life of every person is the wedding ceremony. To congratulate the young people on such an important day in their fate, to wish the new family prosperity, love, and family happiness, they simply need flowers. But many people think about the size of the bouquet already in the store, although it is worth considering in advance how many roses are given for the wedding.

Wedding Bouquet Flowers

The most popular wedding flowers are considered to be roses. It is believed that these luxurious flowers can best express the feeling that guests would like to convey to young people. However, there are some features when choosing a shade, quantity, and design of colors that will be acceptable for such a celebration.

How Many Roses To Give To The Wedding?

Rose has always been a symbol of love and admiration. However, for the wedding ceremony, it is better to choose pastel shades of petals – pink, white, yellow. This palette is very consonant with the overall color scheme of the wedding dress of the bride, and the semantic load will be gentle and neutral – the desire for wealth, the emphasis on tenderness and chastity of the bride, union, fastened by love. You should not choose the red hues of the buds since this is recognition of passionate and fiery love, it may be inappropriate for a gift to a girl at her own wedding.

Florists will help not only with the choice of plants but also with the design of such a present. Lush, elegant bouquet should be not only catchy but also stylish. This will help accessories and special design, adding solemnity and colorful wedding bouquet.

Do not think that with this bouquet the bride will be the whole wedding. For these purposes, a special wedding bouquet of small sizes is created, to match the tone. And order it on the eve of the wedding. Therefore, you should not be upset that it is your bouquet that is selected with such love that is sent to everyone else in the general heap.

It is also important how many roses are given for the wedding. You can buy a huge bouquet of tall roses, but how to give such a gift? It must be remembered that the bridal outfit (namely, all the invited guests give flowers to her) is very thin, and it is easy to tear it with thorns of roses if the material is touched. That is why it is advisable to remove thorns on roses in advance. You should also consider the weight of such a present. A large bouquet and weighs a lot, and fragile girl’s hands will not be able to hold such a composition for a long time.

One luxurious rose is also usually not presented at such a solemn event. But the composition of 5-9 roses will be just the way. Decoration and additional meaning to such a bouquet will be decorating the composition with branches and plants. Blooming jasmine, honeysuckle, as professional florists say, will bring good luck to young people and happy long years of living together.

How Many Roses To Give To The Wedding?

How else can you convey your wishes with the help of jewelry, if the color and number of buds are already selected?

  • In ancient times, newlyweds were given small branches of oak or birch, thus wishing a young family of healthy children, as well as good luck in any endeavors. Today, similar decorations in the form of fern branches, monsters complement the composition and give it a more refined and complete look.
  • To make the composition exclusive, florists offer to create a “talking bouquet”. The inscriptions on the petals with the wishes of a happy family life, photos of young newlyweds and images of hearts and cupids make the floral gift exquisite and unusual.
  • In addition, to add spice to help “fireflies” – built-in LED lights inside the bud. This does not affect the state of the rose since the light bulbs are in special caps that do not allow the bud to be heated. And the glow of the rose itself, highlighting the inscriptions on the petals will help to make the bouquet exclusive and original.
  • Packaging using packaging material is used if there is a need for this, if you can do without it, then it is removed before presenting flowers to the bride.

Another option for the composition of the composition is a basket or hat box. This form of packaging will greatly simplify the task of organizers of the wedding. The fact is that for such a present it is not necessary to search for a vase or another vessel with water to put fresh flowers in it. A sponge soaked in water is placed on the bottom of the basket, which allows the flowers to keep the colors fresh and bright for a long time.

In this case, the question is solved: how many roses to give to the wedding? With the number of buds in the composition, you can beat the size of the basket itself. Too bulky and bulky will be out of place, and in a medium-sized basket, you can nicely place from seven to eleven roses. Such a gift is best prepared on the eve, especially since these plants just do not wither and the wedding day will look great.

How Many Roses To Give To The Wedding?

Other flowers in a wedding bouquet

What other flowers you can congratulate the newlyweds on such a solemn day? We list the plants that can emphasize the importance of such an event:

  • Lilies – touching and beautiful representatives of nature. These plants deservedly occupy an honorable place among the wedding flowers. Gentle white and pastel colors distinguish lily from other gifts of flora. In order for the pollen not to stain the bride’s attire, the stamens are removed in advance. But, giving preference to this magnificent flower, it is worth considering that many varieties of lilies have a rich aroma, and if the room in which the bouquet is located is not aired, some guests may have a headache.
  • Callas – majestic and strict flowers, frequent guests in the bridal bouquets. The personification of a strong family union, youth, and virtue. It is believed that these magical gifts of nature are a talisman for the newlyweds, a talisman of their happy family life. According to legends, under the influence of this plant, a person makes the only correct decisions.
  • Lilies of the valley – delicate, tiny bells with a delicate aroma. Negative legends did not add up to these colors in any world culture, they are honored in all countries. It is a symbol of sincerity, purity, and loyalty. In the hands of the bride, such a bouquet looks very cute.

Although it does not matter what flowers relatives and friends will prefer as a gift. The main thing is to choose and give them with love and kind feeling, wishing from the soul happiness, love, and prosperity.

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