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Guide to the choice of roses


Choosing the right rose to put in the garden or at home, it requires certain considerations and assessments due to the high number of varieties and cultivars, different in shape, size, color and bloom.

Choosing the right rose to put in the garden or in the house requires some considerations and evaluations, because of the number of varieties and cultivars, different in shape, size, color and bloom.

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With hundreds of types of roses available, the choice is very wide; however, with some careful consideration, the roses will create unexpected effects for simplicity and beauty, in the garden or at home. The factors to consider are many …

  • Roses grow well in the sun, so choose a well exposed these crop growing area.
  • Consider the space available, it is limited, you can choose dwarf varieties or miniature.
  • With more space, you can choose shrub varieties, which will create a wide band of color when in bloom.
  • Some varieties of shrub roses are ideal to create hedges full of color, other climbing varieties are ideal for growing on trellises. Consider the size suitable for the available space in the garden and the color that you want to get.
  • Choose a color that goes well in your garden and take a look also in the nearby gardens to identify what type of rose is best suited in your locality.
  • Consider what varieties are available in garden centers and at local nurseries; they will be the most suitable to be cultivated in the climatic conditions in which you find yourself.

Buy roses from nurseries certified and checked that their varietal membership is guaranteed to get a plant with a certain size, color and quality characteristics.

At local garden centers or nurseries, two types of roses are available: bare root or potted.

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Bare root roses

Only during dormancy they are available. In case of temperature increase, during storage or transport, they can abandon the state of dormancy and to grow again, but weakly.

So it is necessary for this type of plant is put into the ground as soon as possible, keeping it moist well before pounding. When buying, choose a vigorous plant with a well developed root system, with green and smooth stems, of 7-8 mm diameter.

Roses in vase or container

They are available all year round and can be transplanted easily.

Choose carefully: favorite plants with a radical extended well apparatus, which will be useful to transplant the rose, with the root ball intact.

Roses in pots can be successfully transplanted throughout the year; require greater protection during the winter, especially if you have been put in the ground in autumn. In most locations, before they are put into the ground the better the chance of taking root of the plant.

In the case of roses in containers, choose plants propagated from cuttings. They have a root system more robust and solid. The absence of a rootstock causes them not to develop suckers taking away nutrients to new shoots.

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