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Poinsettia: 6 things to know to keep it from dying


Symbol par excellence of the festivities, the Christmas star is one of the Christmas plant par excellence together with mistletoe: scenic, beautiful, red, to not let it die, it takes a few simple rules. Moreover, keep it flourished is not difficult and with few tips, you may have throughout the year your poinsettia home, as beautiful and ornamental plant. Here are 5 things to know to keep it from dying.

The water

The poinsettia does not require excessive watering, to keep it from dying moisten only when the soil is completely dry: having regard to its tropical origins, this plant is used to drought and do not suffer unduly. Quite the contrary, the moist soil does not allow her to survive. The stagnant water, therefore, are totally avoided.

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The light

As with many other plants, the Christmas star love light. For this reason, place it in a bright spot of the house and only when summer arrives transfer it in the balcony. In addition, the direct light is recommended only a couple of hours a day and only when temperatures are cooler and not particularly sultry. In short, the place where you keep your potted poinsettia will be able to make a difference and not to let it die.


Prune the plants is an important step to prevent them from dying, with the Christmas star the period specified for this operation is between February and March, and if you find that nothing changes, do not worry: after pruning must wait at least a couple of weeks before to be able to see the first buds. Only between June and July, instead you end up your lush poinsettia, full of leaves and recognizable color and lively.

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Flowering of poinsettia occurs only from mid-December to March and in spite of appearances, and the spread of common knowledge from us, this plant prefers warm temperatures to feel safe and not die. For April potatela radically and allow for new branches grow healthy, as well as to make re-vegetation. An effective way is the re-potting: give way to the roots to grow and oxygenate the stem, to make the development of your healthy and risk free poinsettia.

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To keep alive your poinsettia, it is good to know it thoroughly and to be prepared. For this reason, the study of its seasonal nature will enable you to cope with any problems or needs. In winter, the Christmas star is fertilized once a week and requires watering only when the soil is completely dry. This way you will avoid the funghina, one of the plant diseases among the most prevalent. In spring, however, think also to repot the poinsettia and prune the branches at 10 cm from the ground, especially when the leaves begin to fall. In summer, however, take care to place it outside the home when they arrive and mild temperatures exceeding 18°. In the autumn, starting from mid-September, reported home the poinsettia pots only at night.


The Christmas star, as well as being a beautiful Christmas tree, also has a high rate of venom not so much for humans as for animals. Dogs and cats are in fact high-risk danger of intoxication. The leaves of this plant fact Christmas, when ingested, can even lead to death of cats. For this reason, it is good to keep them up and to the allotment from the attacks of pets.

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