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You can be grown perennials in the garden or on the balcony


Cold temperatures are certainly not considered friends of the green thumb and are often the main cause of bare gardens, inanimate and lifeless. However, do not panic! You do not need to wait in fact the hot spring to again enjoy a vivid and colorful vegetation, as there are many plants that can withstand the cold winter temperatures and show themselves in all their splendor even in the coldest season of the year. These are called perennials.

What is a perennial plant?

Perennial plants are so named because of their ability to live beyond two years, thanks to a growth cycle that allows them to produce flowers and fruit all year long. In particular, it defines a perennial plant which is capable of replication in a constant manner during all seasons, maintaining its color unchanged even when it is at rest.

It should make it clear that we do not speak of “immortal plant” but of plants that enjoy a life much longer than those so-called “annual” or “biennial.” Perennial plants do not need special care; they are great for decorating gardens or balconies and are easily adapted to extremely cold temperatures, very hot and well to dry soils.

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The best known of perennial plant species

In nature there are many species of perennials; However, the choice of what to grow should never be random: it is necessary to take into account some variables such as climate needs, the space of our garden / balcony and of course our aesthetic preferences.

Not at all what characterizes the perennials, in addition to longevity, is definitely the variety that is also found within the same species: the color mutations and flowers at the same habitat.

Among the most popular flowering perennials we are: armenia, the gerbera, the snowdrop, the snapdragons, geranium, the iberis, carnation, campanula, hydrangea, chrysanthemum, orchid flower, the lewisie, primroses, soapwort and coreopsis.

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How to grow perennials in the garden or balcony

Given their ability to live a long time, it is appropriate to place them in a corner of the balcony or in the garden where they can grow undisturbed over time. And therefore essential consciously choose the species, depending on their size, exposure and the time we can devote to their care. Next, you must constantly proceed to their pruning to avoid that they grow in immeasurable ways.

Most of these plants produce flower stems from late summer to mid-autumn, so the risk of having a bare garden even in cold seasons is almost averted!

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