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Balcony flowers: Daisies in pots, the advice to cultivate!


Cultivate daisies in pots is very simple, and you have the advantage of having a balcony with flowers and cheerful with just a couple of pots!

Among the balcony flowers fact daisies they are undoubtedly among the most simple, but have the ability to immediately put joy!

The daisies in pots also a period of very broad flowering: bloom in late April to remain in bloom until September!

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Where cultivate daisies in vase?

The daisies love the sun: they must be grown in balconies where there is at least 5 hours a day in the sun. So avoid choosing daisies if you have a balcony in the shade or dimly lit!

Which vessel used for the daisies?

The most beautiful vessels in which to grow daisies are undoubtedly those of terracotta, but also in the plastic jar daisies grow well without problems. Just be careful to choose pots that have a diameter of at least 15 cm!

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How to sow the Daisies?

Get pot, soil and seeds of daisies. Carried out the sowing operation in late February-mid March: put down the expanded clay jar and cover with soil. Spread the seeds and cover them with a thin layer of soil. Then cover the pot with plastic card that will create a greenhouse effect which will favor the germination of seeds. Towards the middle of spring to your daisies are ready to be transferred to a larger pot!

How to transplant the Daisies?

This is undoubtedly the quickest and easiest way to enrich their own balcony with daisies. Get yourself a big enough pot to hold the vase of daisies that you have purchased: positioned on the bottom of the expanded clay and cover the holes in the pot with pebbles. paid two eat of land (better to choose the sandy soil acid ph) and place the plant in the center of the pot: then cover the rest of the pot with potting soil and watered immediately.

As watering the daisies?

Now that you have your vase of daisies on the balcony, you just need to take care of it. Daisies require a lot of water especially in summer: depending on the climate in fact require daily watering, but when exposed to very hot areas or during the month of August, you may need to arrival watering twice a day. Affiliated the early morning or evening when the sun has gone down so as not to create thermal shock to the plants.

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