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What are the plants that bloom in winter?

plants that bloom in winter

For those who like gardening, it is good to know that with the arrival of the cold does not end at the flowering of plants in different ways, but especially with various tricks, you can have a corner of the garden always in bloom.


The cold months require a careful preservation of plants from climate changes, especially by unexpected frosts. The change of temperature also gives us colorful gardens, thanks to the presence of numerous plants, such as the cyclamen.

This common plant often embellishes balconies and flower beds. Its flowering varies depending on when the seeds were planted: in fact, cyclamen have been planted in the fall season can extend their flowering until winter. The thing to remember is not to be overlooked is that the cyclamen fears frost: for this reason it is preferable to place it in the house, away from the currents and the heaters too hot.

Besides the cyclamen, there are many other plants that bloom in winter, maybe less known but equally beautiful. Let’s see some.

plants that bloom in winter
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Star, Cactus and Christmas Rose

The color of Christmas, you know, is red and the typical plant of this period is the Poinsettia. An alternative is the Christmas Cactus, a houseplant whose flowering coincides precisely with the festive season. It is a strong plant that requires few tricks and that reciprocates with frequent winter blooms and for more winters.

As the Christmas Rose instead is known the hellebore plant. Very durable, typically from outside, this plant needs little water, a well-drained soil and a sunny location during the period of summer. His colors are white, purple and pink.

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Rhododendron, Calendula and Viola cornuta

Since the last days of winter, it can blossom the rhododendron : beautiful plant with delicate flowers, also known as Rose of the Alps. The same goes for the calendula, whose flowers can bloom several times during the course of months, even in winter if the weather is not too hard. The horned violet instead is a particular plant, very resistant to cold, uncaring of frost and rain. As a precaution, it is well place it in a sheltered spot of your outdoor space.


The end of winter gives us beautiful snowdrops : with the melting of snow and frost, will make their appearance in the green. The bulbs of snowdrop are to be planted in the fall, in pots to about 5 centimeters in depth, trying to maintain the same distance from each other.

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