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Care for gardenias


The gardenias are a very popular indoor plants. Proper maintenance, watering, pruning and re-potting help us improve flowering of these. And all this is what we see in the following lines.

First of all say something brief about gardenias, and they are certainly one of the most beautiful indoor plants. They especially like its abundant flowering and its delicate scent of jasmine.

Besides this plant fits well into homes, provided it is not near heat sources to prevent dehydration. Exterior needs a very mild climate, away from the hibernator’s frost.

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Planting gardenias

Indoors it is recommended to plant gardenias in a special compost for houseplants. We choose a place that receives good amount of light, but not direct sunlight. When you go to replant, preferably do it in late winter and whenever you see that the pot has become too tiny to the plant.

If we plant gardenias outdoors, we must realize that our temperature can only have a hot summer and a mild winter. For their land, mixing the soil of your garden with mulch and dead leaves. Choose a sheltered, slightly sunny and never too exposed to the sun.

Risks of gardenias

Gardenias do not take anything well with hard water, so it is preferable to use rainwater or mineral, especially if the tap water in your area is very hard. Also it needs constant moisture, so it is desirable that put on a bed of gravel or clay balls, and they are always flooded. With the evaporation of water, we recreate the natural conditions of life of these plants in the tropics.

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In spring and summer it is important to water them regularly without flooding the floor. Not to fail, wait until the soil surface is dry between watering. In autumn and winter it reduces the risks. Wait until the soil is dry before watering again.

Pruning and care

After flowering, prune your shrub slightly to keep its compact design, reducing almost 1/3 of its branches. Remove the dead flowers as they arise in order to stimulate the emergence of new flowers.

To strengthen the plant and that it has a spectacular flowering, use a special fertilizer for gardenias.

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