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Care for carnations


Carnations, whether perennial or annual, they offer us very features beautiful flowers. Maintaining them is easy, although we will see tips will help you get some beautiful flowers throughout the summer. If you want further advice you will find many more waiting.

The number of species of carnations offers a wide variety of colors and shapes. This plant offers a generous bloom that will serve to decorate beds, rock gardens or planters. Its flowering occurs from May to September.

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Planting carnations

Carnation planting will depend mainly on whether the species is annual or perennial.

The perennial carnations should be planted in autumn or in spring, taking good care that a space of 20/25 cm between each plant. Reproduction of plants from cuttings is easy to perform, and must be done from May.

For annual carnations proceed to a planting medium shelter in March. Replants before putting them in place in the spring. You can plant them directly in place from April / May.

Care and maintenance of carnations

Carnations are very strong and require virtually no care. Cut flowers wilted as they arise, as this gesture will stimulate the emergence and growth of new flowers.

Carnations live many years without much care. It does not need regular watering except in cases of extreme heat or prolonged drought. Albeit with newly planted carnations yes you should perform regular watering to encourage rooting of the plant. In summer it is also advisable to promote the summer bloom.

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Carnations can be planted in poor soil, even calcareous. However, they grow best in rich soil. You can improve it with organic compounds. Choose your carnations for one sunny exposure. Also they need a place with excellent ventilation.

What plants associate our carnations?

Finally I give you an advice on the use of carnations. These are great in a bouquet of flowers, so they are ideal for floral compositions. Carnations perfectly combined with other plants and flowers such as nepetas, the scabious, the dwarf coreopsis or perky.

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