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5 tips for a green wedding

Green wedding

We present alternatives that allow you not only save resources, but that will make your wedding a unique and harmonious event.

Convey a green message to all attendees. Reducing paper waste avoids excessive logging of trees; therefore, consider employing virtual invitations. Devises a cute design, accompanied by some original words to your guests. Do not forget to include basic information and a map. If it is essential to print some, because some relatives and friends do not have email, look for a printing company that use recycled paper or bamboo. There are a variety of designs and textures.

Memories full of life

Obsequies attendees ready to plant a small tree or a potted flower bulb, such as tulips or hyacinths; are useful memories that will last for long. You can also offer seeds, cotton little bags filled with herbs or organic tea bags. They will be the perfect touch!

Green wedding
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Nature, a guest of honor

For receiving select a lush garden, which dominates the flora and fauna? If you can support some ecotourism site, much better. It is ideal to party day, not spending power. At night you can use candles made from soy, as they take longer to melt, do not pollute and give it a mysterious touch to the celebration.

Bella and natural

Use green cosmetics and looks great. Nature and The Body Shop are two lines of makeup and high quality creams that do not harm the environment, do not test their products on animals and donate a percentage of their profits to charity. Not a bad idea to use them in such a special day to look and feel radiant.

Dress recyclable

Very Good option in vogue, by the way is to bring a model vintage. It may be that your mom put on her wedding day. However, if you prefer to send him to do, try it manufactured with organic fibers (cotton or silk pesticide – free). Show to your boyfriend to ask for Eco-friendly fabrics, such as linen. Keep in mind that you only use once your bridal attire; then you can give to a girlfriend who does not have the financial resources to buy it or you can even sell it and donate the money to a good cause. Learn to recycle!

Flowers ten

It includes organic fruits and flowers in your table arrangements. You are able to create a heaping atmosphere intoxicating and romantic aromas. Also, choose a bouquet free of pesticides and accessories complement natural plants with very chic, made of silk or natural cotton; they will give you a look elegant and fashionable.


Talk to your adviser banquets and ask that all or most of their raw materials are formed of ingredients of organic origin, with the least amount of chemicals, and that favors fruits and vegetables instead of meat.

Technology: Your best ally

Make it clear to the photographer in charge of your event you do not want to print your photos; and avoid immoderate consumption of paper. A good option is to buy a digital album: you can view your images as often as you want, without mistreat them.

Life in green

Upon returning from your honeymoon, plant a tree with your new husband and one more for each anniversary. Inculcate the same habit their children to contribute to many more years of oxygen on our planet.

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