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Care for sunflowers

Care sunflowers

Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are plants that offer a beautiful and innovative bloom. Originating in America, sunflower is grown as an annual plant, although some species are perennial. These belong to the family Asteraceae. Of this, the Helianthus are not only the best known, but they are also the largest, with a size that can reach up to 3 m high.

Regardless of the species, almost all have that yellow sunflowers so characteristic reminiscent of the sun. Sunflowers also have the advantage of being melliferous, participating in pollination and therefore in the ecosystem.

Care sunflowers
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Planting sunflowers

They can be perennial or annual, depending on the kind; planting will be one or the other. If the sunflower species that we plant is perennial, planting the fulfillment in spring and multiplication will take place in autumn. We must maintain a reasonable distance (30/40 cm) between each plant.

If the species is annual it will depend on the type of crop to do. If seeds, we will spring planting directly into the ground. This will take place in a pit, which will place different seeds.

If you purchase and sunflowers planted in macerated, transplant to earth we will make between the months of April / June.

Care Sunflowers

The cultivation of sunflowers is very simple and its care is almost nil. Its flowering is very grateful to the care we provide to you. One of care must be more present it is to remove the faded flowers appear in an immediate way.

These plants grow so quickly that are ideal for planting in clumps, against a well exposed to the sun and even for planting in pots, always opting for the smaller species wall.

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But its rapid growth also generates the creation of weeds, and they must be very careful because they are harmful can break cycles of plants. The best way to remove them is with a hoe, in the traditional way, or chemicals. Although in the latter case, care that are appropriate for sunflowers, will not damage the seeds.

No frequent irrigation is necessary, contrary to what happens with flowers in general. Too frequent irrigation would eventually kill sunflowers. Ideally the water it is 20 days before and after the appearance of the flowers. And if at that time or there has been rain, you desist. They have enough water.

soil too wet can because it does not bear the weight of sunflowers and they end up falling. If you plant many sunflowers together, so you avoid this problem.

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