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Green Wedding: Ideas for a link ecofriendly

Green Wedding

The green color in its entire splendor: the ecofriendly weddings come trend as required.

You want to have the wedding of your dreams, but without neglecting the environment? Take advantage of the benefits of nature to give your link a single touch and Very responsible!

The ecofriendly style can be a great platform to give a positive message to all your guests.  This theme is so versatile that it can occupy in all areas of the celebration. To begin, we recommend betting on a location outdoors; thus you will ensure that everyone is in full contact with nature. Opting for a place like this will allow you to save on flowers and other plants, as this will ensure that all the setting highlight the natural beauty of the place.

Green Wedding
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To reflect the best of this ecofriendly aesthetics uses the green from designing your invitations wedding. In them you can integrate the rustic feel of recycled paper. You can choose the same style menus for your wedding reception, and print these materials that are environmentally friendly.

If your reception will be held in an open space, you can put crates or recycled furniture. In assembly you can also integrate natural details: a succulent or small greenhouse with a good dose of green.

Mason Jars or recycled glass bottles to decorate your link. Substitute for the centerpieces for a rustic decor and very friendly to the environment.

To not spend more, choose a green decor you find in your home. For example, a pair of glass jars will be phenomenal as centerpieces, but also can decanter tablecloths Fabrics treated without chemicals. If it comes to dessert time, integrated into your wedding cake succulent, fresh flowers or plants.

Opt for a Naked Wedding Cake for campervan look; it incorporates natural flowers and leaves decorate your cake.

Seeds as a reminder of very environmentally friendly weddings. They can also give away handmade jams, organic honey or plant.

Instead of rice, choose to throw the seeds of lavender or rosemary sprig boyfriends to leave the church.

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