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Interesting Facts About Roses

Interesting Facts About Roses

At all times, roses won the hearts of people with the beauty and innocence hiding in each bud of these royal flowers. Gentle petals have long been personified with femininity, which is the subject of admiration of millions of men around the world. Not a single solemn event is complete without roses: passionate and pure, charming and enticing with the purity of their buds, these flowers will look organic not only as a present for any holiday but also as a symbol of attention given to a dead person.

The story of roses dates back 35 million years ago. This is evidenced by fossils found during excavations. The exact date of the appearance of these flowers cannot be named; it is only known that for the first time in botany this species was classified in 371-286 BC. Currently, more than 300 varieties of these beautiful flowers are known.

Interesting Facts About Roses

“The Queen of Flowers” refers to long-livers: the age of the most ancient roses has a whole 1000 years! They survived through the centuries and have come down to us, still amazing with their magnificence and resilience. You can see their flowering in the Cathedral of Hildesheim, which is located in Germany. During the Second World War, this place was partially destroyed by Soviet bombers, but after a while, roses, like a phoenix, were literally resurrected from ruins thanks to preserved roots. Now there are guided tours in Hildesheim, after visiting which you can learn more about the amazing history of the bushes scrolling through the ancient walls.

Thanks to the skillful work of breeders from around the world, we can enjoy more than 20,000-30000 varieties of roses. And this is not the limit: work on the crossing and improvement of species are still underway. The main difference between all species from each other is in shades represented by red, pink, cream, yellow and even purple flowers.

Interesting Facts About Roses

But roses also differ in other signs:

  • branching;
  • the presence of thorns;
  • aroma;
  • the form of buds and petals.

Color symbolism

Gentle and refined rose has always inspired poets and playwrights to create their immortal works. Numerous nations of the world have their beliefs and traditions connected with the image of a passionate flower. Every resident of the CIS knows that yellow roses promise separation. Europeans interpret this shade in their own way: for them, the solar petals personify happiness and harmony in relations with loved ones.

The white color of roses is a symbol of peace and innocence in everything: in thought, action, and attitude. A bouquet of white roses, more eloquently than words, will tell about the purity of your intentions and sincerity of feeling and will give the favor of the person to whom he was addressed. White petals are fraught with eternal love, so it is customary to present them to the bride on the wedding day or on the anniversary of the relationship.

The pink color of roses personifies tenderness and lightness, so roses of this shade are perfect as a gift for a young girl. This is the most elegant and romantic way to hint about the feelings of his darling if she does not know about it. Or just make a pleasant favorite, if they are mutual.

Interesting Facts About Roses

Red and maroon roses symbolize passion, fire, a brightness of emotions and feelings. They are usually given to those people with whom you have a stable relationship. And this is not only an object of love, a wife or mother. Your work partners will appreciate the bold bouquet if you present it as a thank you for your joint work and fruitful cooperation. It is worth noting that such a saturated color marks maturity, so it is not customary to give flowers of this shade to young ladies.

An important role is played by the number of flowers in the bouquet:

  • One rose is a sign of attention that can be given to your beloved to remind you of your feelings and give bright colors to your relationship.
  • Three to nine roses are the perfect complement to a holiday gift.
  • More than nine roses will present at ceremonial events to emphasize the importance of this event in life.

Interesting Facts About Roses

Interesting Facts

  • In the Middle Ages, roses were a symbol of prosperity and luxury, so women of high status and court ladies decorated their hairstyles with buds and loved to take a bath filled with velvet petals. The Italians dedicated a whole museum to this amazing creation of nature: the number of living roses in it numbers about 7.5 thousand varieties collected and brought here from all over our planet.
  • The most original and unusual species is the Japanese Chameleon rose. The petals of this flower change their shade depending on the lighting. Due to the high price, a bouquet of these roses can be found not in every flower shop.
  • The beautiful “Sleeping Beauty” from the fairy tale of the same name is a collective image of a wild rose. The second name of the girl among representatives of some nations is “Wild Rose”.
  • The universality of the properties led to the use of roses in many perfume compositions and culinary delights. From roses, they get excellent rose oil, which is actively used not only in cosmetology but also for healing the body from the inside. Candied rose petals are an exclusive delicacy and unusual decoration for desserts.
  • Roses have a well-developed root system. Planting these flowers on the slopes helps prevent landslides and soil masses from shifting.

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