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Delightful Bouquets: What Are They?

Delightful Bouquets: What Are They?

To congratulate a dear person with a significant date, we rush to the flower shop for a bouquet. But there are situations when just a beautiful flower ensemble will not work for a very solemn occasion. We try to create with the help of a florist something special – a delightful bouquet that can convey the whole range of feelings and emotions that overwhelm us.

Delightful Bouquets: What Are They?

Bouquet as art

In different countries, the creation of flower compositions, despite some differences, has a number of common components:

  • The form of the bouquet is a special way of arranging flowers in the composition, which allows you to change the shape and purpose of the floral ensemble.
  • Colors – special color combinations and preferences inherent in a particular culture.
  • The number of colors represents different symbolic meanings for different nations. If we are accustomed to giving bouquets with an odd number of buds exclusively to living people for the holidays, then in Europe we calmly treat compositions with an even number of plants. Such differences are due to culture, traditions, and history evolved differently from different nations.
  • The principle of arrangement is the compatibility of different plants in a flower ensemble not only in a bouquet but also the compatibility of flowers growing in the soil, which becomes an important factor in creating winter gardens and rose gardens.

Of course, ultimately, the imagination and design abilities of the originator, as well as taste, sense of style and creativity, supported by knowledge of current trends, will influence the appearance of the composition.

Delightful Bouquets: What Are They?

Luxury Presents

Not only large expensive bouquets can be attributed to luxurious floral gifts, but also those that we safely consider being creative. Today we offer a huge number of new ideas and solutions in the design and composition of compositions.

A delightful bouquet of roses for the most beloved can include more than thirty buds. To make a declaration of love, many men prefer the queen of flowers – the rose. The scarlet color of the petals symbolizes a strong passion and endless love. This message is the most understandable and common among lovers. It is important that everyone knows about these symbols of a rose, and such a gift will become an original recognition and a clear recognition.

Such compositions, which include up to one hundred buds of one flower, have, among other things, a very large weight. For such gifts, florists advise using stronger bases in the form of baskets or hat boxes.

It should also be remembered that if there is a desire to delight your beloved with a huge bunch of flowers, then it is impossible for any woman to hold much weight for a long time. Therefore, packaging, which not only provides the entire composition with moisture but also makes it possible to simply put it on the floor or on the table, is at least practical.

For the delightful bouquets include songs that are able to surprise and enchant at the same time. These bouquets include not only huge ensembles of expensive flowers. In a large bouquet, there is a need to congratulate on some very significant date: holidays, anniversaries, memorable events.

You can admire and a small composition, which is made with soul and invention. These options include creative solutions in the preparation of the composition in the selection of plants and accessories. It is also important what packaging is used for this bouquet.

Delightful Bouquets: What Are They?

Creative bouquet options

It is customary to refer to such compositions such flower ensembles, which differ in their structure, content or design method. Today, florists offer many options for such gifts, many of which do not have flowers in their composition.

These compositions include:

  • Another option for making a bouquet without flowers is the composition of berries and fruits, plush toys, banknotes.
  • The ensemble of fresh flowers in the form of amusing little animals should be attributed to the luxurious floral gifts. These can be bunnies, bear cubs, hedgehogs. These gifts will love young girls and children.

Any holiday is good because we experience a state of joy and fun. Positive emotions are remembered for a long time and the person has the need to experience them again. In order to make our impressions brighter, we use creativity to create a delightful surprise from fresh flowers or a gift.

Delightful Bouquets: What Are They?

Presentation rules

In order for the effect of presenting a gift to be as positive as possible, it is worth considering some rules when presenting it:

  • Flower arrangement should be freed from excessive packaging, especially in winter. Today, florists emphasize the naturalness and naturalness of floral gifts, so they say that any packaging should be removed beforehand. The only exception is the fact that it is a single ensemble with a composition.
  • When handing the bouquet should look into your eyes, smile. It would be strange to look like a giver who is wrinkled, looks at the floor and cannot bind from the agitation of two words.
  • It is better to think about what to say and how to say so that confusion does not cause unpleasant emotions.
  • You should try to find out about the preferences of the hero of the occasion before you look for a gift so that it does not happen that the luxurious bouquet causes allergy attacks in the birthday girl.

Create and give presents with pleasure. A loved one will surely feel the warmth of your soul. The main thing is to choose a gift with thoughts about who it is intended for.

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