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How To Choose A Bouquet For A Wedding Anniversary?

How To Choose A Bouquet For A Wedding Anniversary?

As they say, a wedding without flowers is not a wedding. And you cannot argue with that. It is also difficult to imagine the subsequent married life without flowers: birthdays, anniversaries and just holidays for no reason – not a single celebration will do without a luxurious bouquet of flowers.

In this article of our blog, you will learn about which bouquets to give for anniversaries depending on the years lived together, and how to surprise your darling with an unusual gift on the theme of floristics.How To Choose A Bouquet For A Wedding Anniversary?

How to choose a bouquet for your favorite on the anniversary of marriage?

It is quite difficult, especially when there is such a variety of color around. To facilitate the task, it is best to adhere to the following recommendations that will help make the right choice:

  • the first anniversary is a wonderful occasion to please your soul mate with delicate tulips, symbolizing a unique embodiment of love and pleasant memories of a honeymoon jointly spent;
  • for a five-year anniversary, a perfect composition of chrysanthemums;
  • gerberas, embodying the light and warmth of the family hearth, are usually given for a six-year anniversary;
  • the seventh year is better to celebrate in the company of stylish and simple daisies, which many people associate with the first declarations of love;
  • on a pink wedding anniversary (10 years), red roses are traditionally presented to their companion, showing unquenchable and strong love, as well as deep and strong feelings;
  • fifteen years is a solid time for which narcissuses, white roses, and lilies are perfect;
  • the porcelain anniversary is personified by miniature lilies of the valley, which are considered to be a symbol of the ideality of marriage;
  • on the thirtieth, give preference to irises;
  • for a golden wedding, nothing will speak of your love more eloquently than an orchid.

How To Choose A Bouquet For A Wedding Anniversary?

Custom anniversary bouquets

Do you want to congratulate your beloved somehow in a special way, but nothing comes to mind? We bring to your attention compositions from magnificent flowers with various sweets and in original packaging: these real masterpieces of floristics will not leave indifferent any girl.

On our website, you can find a huge range of similar products represented by the following popular models:

  • Roses and candy;
  • A box of a sweet tooth;
  • Sweet mood;
  • Triple pleasure;
  • Flower candy;
  • Sweet Adventure;
  • Empire of passion;
  • Inspiration;
  • New Year’s surprise;
  • Sweet happiness;
  • Colors of a rainbow;
  • Coffee dessert;
  • Berry XL.

How To Choose A Bouquet For A Wedding Anniversary?

Bouquets are made with fresh berries, “Ferrero Rocher”, “Milky Way” and “Kinder” candies, as well as with the most delicate almond macaroons, cooked on an airy meringue. The design of bouquets is developed by the best florists.

You can order the bouquet you are interested in on our website. Depending on the desired timing, delivery of bouquets is carried out around the clock, fast or today. Using the recommendations presented in this article, you can easily select a luxurious bouquet for a wedding anniversary. Stylish design and affordability will certainly delight you.

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