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3 Steps To Creating a Drought-Tolerant Yard

Your yard is often the first thing people notice when they drive by your home. Images of lush green grass, tall trees and an abundance of flowers may come to mind when you think of an ideal yard. However, if you live in an arid climate, you may want to consider having landscaping that thrives with a small amount of water. Here are three ways you can make your yard drought-resistant without losing its curb appeal.

1. Replace Sod With Artificial Turf

Your lush green lawn requires the majority of your landscaping water to maintain its pleasing appearance. When you want to cut back on your water usage, one alternative is to replace the lawn with synthetic grass Victorville CA. This solution still gives you the look you desire without any of the water requirements. Additionally, it doesn’t need mowing, weeding or fertilizing to look its best.

2. Choose Native Plants

Having a drought-tolerant yard doesn’t mean you need to pull out all your living landscape. Choose bushes and plants native to the area, as they are more tolerant of the local climate. When selecting these items, choose ones known to need infrequent watering to thrive, such as plants with a silver or grey coating on their leaves, succulents and cacti. Put the plants in groups to concentrate the water you use into specific areas to prevent excessive runoff and evaporation.

3. Add Rocks to Your Landscape

Another option is adding a variety of rocks to your yard. They don’t require any water and give your yard a unique look. Large boulders can create a focal point in the yard, while crushed granite is excellent for use in walkways and borders. To help keep water from evaporating from the soil, consider using smaller rocks as a mulch for areas of bare ground.

Having a drought-tolerant yard can still be very pleasing to the eye. Consider using synthetic grass, native plants and various rocks for a new look without the water demand.

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