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How To Plan the Perfect Man Cave

Plan the Perfect Man Cave

The man cave is the quintessential domestic space for masculine pursuits. If you are still in the drafting phase for your fortress of solitude, here are some simple design tips that you can use to elevate its appearance.

Pick a Centerpiece

Choose an object in your possession that you would like to incorporate into your man cave and make it the cornerstone of your design. For instance, if you have a pinball machine, you may want to create a man cave that functions like an old arcade. A vintage beer keg, on the other hand, would be the perfect pièce de résistance in an at-home sports bar. It all depends on what your interests are and how you would like to use your mantuary.

Choose Your Lighting

Pendant lights are highly recommended as the primary source of lighting for man caves. LED bulbs are ideal for secondary light sources, and they are highly customizable. Even old-fashioned, incandescent varieties, like Edison bulb lighting Kansas City styles, come in LED versions. Proper lighting will help to establish the right atmosphere for your manspace.

Consider Built-In Options

Built-in features can be very useful if you can spare the expense. A miniature sink and dishwasher for dirty glasses will save you countless trips up and down the stairs. Advanced built-in accessories, like beer taps and lighted display cases, will add a touch of sophistication to your bar setup.

If these options are too complicated or too expensive to execute, it is still worthwhile to add built-in storage for glassware and other small items. Shelves and cabinets are very affordable and their installation is relatively feasible.

Designing a man cave takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail. Following these tips and discussing them with your contractors will help you build the perfect man cave.

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