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A Garden that is Secure and Safe

As well as being a space that you can relax in and enjoy, a garden is also a part of your home and needs to be safe and protected in the same way that your home is. There are many risks that come with having a garden that is not safe and secure – from kids that are able to get out and get into danger, to burglars using the garden to access your home with ease, so it is important that you have a garden that is secure.

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Burglars often use gardens to access a house as there is less chance of them being seen. However, if you use things like security lighting and security cameras, this is likely to be a big deterrent to a burglar, and this is well worth having in your garden. Even using solar lighting can help your garden to remain well lit and therefore less of an appeal to a burglar. Also, ensure that the boundary is difficult to climb – get a professional like this fencing Cheltenham greenfieldsltd.co.uk/services/fencing based company to put a secure fence in for you.

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Make sure that you can lock gates and other means of access into and out of the garden. As well as the risk to children, if you have a dog there is the risk of them getting out or getting stolen. If you have outbuildings or a shed, this should also be well secured, both to make it harder for burglars to access and also to stop pets and children getting in when there are often dangers in there such as tools and chemicals.

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