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5 gardening tips for beginners


You want to have a garden but do not know how to take care of him? They no longer have to worry, in this issue we share 5 tips gardening for beginners.

1. Allows insects continue

One of the most important gardening tips are that does not remove all the insects. Insects such as beetles and some manure worms eat birds helping plants. Poultry manure erodes soil and withering plants, so if you keep these insects in your garden will avoid damage to your plants. It also leaves the worms as they take their food from other waste and dead plants, providing nutrients to plants. Read more

Houseplants for Beginners


Have you ever had plants at home but have you encouraged cultivating? I Afraid of the many things I have told you that you have to know? Do not worry because we want to give you a hand with your first houseplants, and so we have made a small guide with basic tips to know how to cultivate a plant.

Do not panic because with our advice you will not need advanced knowledge or an arsenal of tools to care for plants. So that they remain beautiful all year just need to give regular attention and follow some simple rules such as those discussed below. Read more

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