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The garden, a children’s game


The garden is a game perfect for kids. Planting and maintaining a garden of fruit and vegetables is a gardening game educational and perfect for spending time together. Teach your children how to develop love for the green and the environment.

Gardening can be an ideal tool for kids young and old. A creative and fun way to help your children to grow. Read more

How to grow lavender in pots garden and balcony

grow lavender in pots

The practical guide on how to grow lavender in pots in your garden or balcony that many of you have been waiting for is finally here!

Lavender is one of the most used plants and appreciated since ancient times to cleanse, deodorize and heal the body. The very name ‘lavender’, derived from the Latin ‘wash’ verb. Lavender grows wild throughout the basin Mediterranean, but can be grown easily in the garden and in your terraces and balconies, which offers stunning decorative blooms from persistent and intoxicating fragrance.

Let us see how to grow lavender in pots and in the garden to add a touch of liveliness to our gardens or terrace and balcony: find out together all the tips and practical advice on cultivation techniques of this wonderful plant so beautiful, fragrant, colorful but mostly useful for its many beneficial properties. Read more

10 Tips For The Garden And The Garden In Summer


Garden in bloom and vegetable garden full of fruit to collect. Here are the best hope for the summer of all gardening enthusiasts. The sun, the heat and sudden storms, perhaps accompanied by hail, can put a strain on the garden and the plants of the garden.

Summer is one of the seasons in which the plants and vegetables need the most attention. Therefore, here are some tips to have a vegetable garden and a garden to admire during the warmer months. Read more

Tips for garden, flowers and plants


The most important thing for a gardener’s interest in learning and not stop watching. It is very advisable to carry a book with everything that happens and do in the garden. This information will be very useful for the present and for the future (years to come).

If you initiate in the world of gardening it is better to start with easy plants that do not require much experience. For example, a Gardenia is quite difficult to thrive for someone who does not know how to fulfill all the demands that it has. You can be frustrated and discouraged. For the moment, the important thing is that your first attempts are satisfactory and encourage you to continue progressing. Read more

Ideas to decorate the garden


A classic lawn, if constantly maintained and kept clean and tidy is certainly nice, but there are many other ways, tricks and decorations to improve its appearance as well as keep the grass cut and pruned the plants and flowers. If you want to turn your garden into a real paradise here are some ideas and suggestions from which you can draw inspiration.

Decorate the garden to make it a more beautiful place

The decoration is at the base of the beauty of a garden; so here’s a series tips and ideas to beautify our little corner of green paradise. Read more

How and when to plant in the garden tagete


If we like organic farming must be clear that we must use the resources and support that gives us nature in combating pests or improve productivity, we mean the flora and auxiliary fauna, of which we have already spoken several times in the blog, many plants help us attract beneficial insects to the garden or just to repel pests of our plants, this is what is known as an auxiliary flora. Read more

5 Flower Plant For Small Aromatic Garden

Aromatic flower plant

Usually, we appreciate plants with our eyes because we admire their colors and shapes, but the aroma is something else, it may be invisible, but adds significantly to the pleasures of gardening dimension and with a little planning, plant they give your garden an extra dimension. Here are 5 aromatic plants perfect for a small space.

The plants smell always be a delight to the senses in general. Having even one of them, should be a rule to give your home a positive and magical vibration. The fragrance of the plants clean the environment and psyche are an antidote to sadness and an incentive for the soul.

Put them where you can enjoy its aroma when passing near them, it is the best you can give your private spaces. The smell in a garden is an integral experience, and in a small garden, can make the experience much richer. These are five examples of plants smell, but there are many more species to choose from. Read more

How to decorate a garden

decorate a garden

How to decorate your garden? What items to choose? How to make welcoming outdoor spaces? 10 rules to follow and 100 ideas for furnishing perfectly the home garden with pictures and examples.

Have a nice garden, cared for and decorated, though small in size, values of both their home and to decorate with style garden just very little.

In fact, once you have chosen the style, you must purchase the furnishings needed to host family and friends in a cozy atmosphere and at the same time functional. Read more

Summer is the time to water in the garden


In the dry season, watering is essential if you want plants and lawns are kept green and beautiful. The garden manual watering can occupy a lot of time. Fortunately, there are intelligent solutions that deal watering, without you having to lift a finger.

Summer is coming and people getting ready to relax in the garden, in the meadow … or simply to go on holiday for a break. Whatever you do, your garden needs moisture, water and nutrients to stay healthy. Water the garden using sprinklers requires effort and the results may not be homogeneous. Fortunately, today many solutions can take care of irrigation in your place. Read more

Basic tips for saving water in the garden

Saving water

We want to help save water. It will be noted in your pocket and the environment will thank you. Today we want to help in saving water in the garden. Here are some tips…

– It is important that when watering do at night or early morning to avoid evaporation fast water.

– Put systems drip irrigation, it is the least spent water and acts more efficiently.

– Place systems use river water and reuses rainwater, you can use drums or a cistern.

– Use the hose only if necessary to clear an area and do not leave it open all the time or use as a broom. Read more

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