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Summer is the time to water in the garden


In the dry season, watering is essential if you want plants and lawns are kept green and beautiful. The garden manual watering can occupy a lot of time. Fortunately, there are intelligent solutions that deal watering, without you having to lift a finger.

Summer is coming and people getting ready to relax in the garden, in the meadow … or simply to go on holiday for a break. Whatever you do, your garden needs moisture, water and nutrients to stay healthy. Water the garden using sprinklers requires effort and the results may not be homogeneous. Fortunately, today many solutions can take care of irrigation in your place.

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Here we offer the suitable method of irrigation for every need. One of the best answers is the Micro-Drip-System, developed and designed specifically to meet all the watering needs of your garden. Micro-Drip-System distributes water according to a preset program, computer-controlled irrigation, and does not waste a drop more than necessary. Drip irrigation, aimed directly at the roots of plants, through the Micro-Drip-System can save up to 70% water.

With its smart design and easy to install and its multiple uses, can be used to water the lawn (with underground pipes goccilanti), hedges, bushes and flowerbeds (with dripping surface pipes and microspruzzi) and greenhouses and potted plants (with individual drippers). With the intuitive connection, “Quick & Easy” system, hoses and drippers snap easily and even a layman can easily assemble and install the system. A system that, when connected to irrigation, will ensure that your green remains and lush garden even on the hottest days and sunny summer.

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We also offer other solutions: you can water the flowers in a targeted manner with spears to shower with or without extension. For the lawn, you can choose the surface sprinklers or pop-up sprinkler system.

For those who have a garden and want to go on vacation, there are also other tricks to use. An artisan water container can be sufficient to keep alive potted plants. The plants in pots or planter are much more susceptible to heat and dry out faster than the other. Potted plants in the interior can be put in a tub full of water. Or, you can cut the end of a plastic bottle, put his neck in the soil of the plant and then fill the bottle. You can always ask for advice at the center of the area gardening.

Best wishes for a summer green, lush and well watered!

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