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How to Plant Orchids? Step by Step Guideline

How to plant orchids

Orchids are a whole family of plants with more than 25,000 species to their credit. These are flowers in a very characteristic way, which can be of a large number of colors and which are increasingly popular as gift flowers. They are currently spread across virtually the entire world but are especially important in India, Madagascar, China, and the Himalayas. Read more

How to plant begonias

plant begonias

The Begonia is a hybrid plant of several species of America. It belongs to the family of Begoniáceas. It is multiplied by tubers. Its height varies between 20 and 25 cms. Its flowers can be of different colors depending on the variety of Begonia and are immensely beautiful.

Date advisable culture: The Begonias are recommended planting from the end of December to April.

As plant Begonia tubers: The sow at a distance between them of 15 cm and a depth of 5 cm. Read more

How to plant gladiolus

plant gladiolus

The gladiolus, whose scientific name is ssp Gladiolus, belongs to the family of the Iridaceae and is a bulbous perennial plant. Its origin is in Europe, Asia and tropical Africa. Its cultivation is very simple and beautifully decorate our gardens.

Date recommended for cultivation. The gladiolus is advisable to plant from January to June because it is a spring bulb.

How to plant gladiolus bulbs. The bulbs the sow at a distance of 12 cm between them at a depth of 10 cms other.  Read more

How to plant roses

plant roses

When you’ve made a choice among the many varieties and colors of roses and you are about to plant your favorite rose bush, it is advisable to stop for a moment to think about the following points…

1) The roses grown in pots can be planted throughout the year as long as there is no frost.

2) In the case of roses grown outdoors, it is best planted in autumn. Then the soil is still warm and therefore still may form some rootlets. Only then the plant will have optimum growth the following spring.

3) Rosebushes like a sunny place, but some varieties will sometimes too hot in a location south. The Rambler roses, for example, are a good choice. ! Look at this when choosing!

4) Rosebushes like a warm and airy place where the wind can caress the leaves. This is not the same as a place windy or drafty, where lurk all sorts of diseases.

5) Climbers should not be planted too close to a wall, where most of the time the soil is too dry. A distance of about 30 cm. It is perfect. Read more

How to plant a bush

plant a bush

Do not hesitate to buy a plant that is sold in flower or in full vegetation, provided it is in good condition and has been grown in a container. So you get an immediate effect, if you take some precautions when transplant.

When to plant?

The formula of plants sold in container allows planted any time provided they do not freeze, and the plant care until grip. Read more

How to plant lavender: advice, care and harvesting

Plant lavender

The lavender plant is perennial and can produce for more than a decade, its scientific name Lavandula angustifolia is native to the Mediterranean region is widely used in the manufacture of essential oils for the production of perfumes and toilet. There are many people interested in learning how to plant lavender because it is highly prized for use as an ornamental plant in gardens, with many varieties of lavender used for this purpose.

Lavender flowers are used as a food source for honeybees, since it is considered to honey produced with this plant as one of the best quality nectars. Flowers are also used to add flavor and aroma to a variety of dishes among which include sauces, salads, jellies, ice cream and a lesser amount in wine and vinegar, for this purpose they are also used the leaves.

There are many crops of lavender, however the most commonly used species Lavandula angustifolia is because it produces an essential oil of better quality. If the necessary care on how to plant lavender is applied can measure between 30 cm to 2 m in length, this depends very much on the species used. Its flowers are very small and may be purple, pink or white. Read more

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