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Gardening tips: 8 tragic mistakes to avoid!

Gardening tips

You have a garden large or a tiny balcony, if you have decided to take matters in hand and give to gardening is not much difference: there is a good chance that you are about to commit one of these 8 very common mistakes!

1- Wrong jar!

Each flower, plant or vegetable takes a specific vessel: the plants that require drained soil will need pots with holes in the base. Plants that love moist soil can have a plastic pot, but they may not have the minimum water stagnation boater clay pots. In short, for every plant, you have decided to plant in pots, but what are the vessels that help plants to grow well. Dates importance not only to the material of the vessel, but also to its shape!

Gardening tips
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2- Remove the good herbs instead of weeds!

Remove the weeds is one of the practices that we always recommend not only to have a better aesthetic result, but also to avoid that infest the whole garden. You are sure to know how to recognize? It will certainly at least once to pull the weeds and then ask why plants do not flourish. If you are not confident that you can recognize your flowers than weeds, marked with sticks what and where you grew your flowers!

3- Do not prepare the ground

The ground is never to be underestimated: it is not the right one or if it is not properly nourished the result will soon be seen. If your vegetables do not grow, if the flowers are slender and little ones do local mind on the ground that you or us to ask yourself how long unfertilized soil!

4- Planting too close!

To have a lush garden, the solution is certainly not filling the space you have available up to capacity of plants. If you put too many plants will suffocate each other, they will not grow well and become hardly flourish like dreaming!

5- Too much water!

This is absolutely one of the most common mistakes that beginners and not stumble! Watering the plants too much as it is harmful not water them: so check on the amount of water that the plants in the garden that you require and hold back from spend every day with a watering can in all your plants.

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6- Planting a plant invasive

Adorable ivy, right? And what about the wisteria? All beautiful plants, which if not carried out properly and not containing invade your green corner. Choose carefully the plants that you want in the garden and especially according to the patience that you will treat them in the future!

7- Wrong Exposure

Contrary to popular belief, not all plants love to be in the sun! The plants should be grown in areas with the right exposure and not according to your stubbornness: sunflowers do not grow in the shade and a hydrangea in full sun will wither!

8- Overdoing the pesticide

Do not want your plants from being eaten by insects and aphids, but if you overdo the pesticide your plants will die! Before you run for cover with chemicals are looking for a solution among natural remedies: except in massive pest invasion, the natural remedies work!

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