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6 Beautiful Spring Flowers

Winter is finally over and with the arrival of spring, every lover of gardening begins to plan the work in the garden and, especially, began to devote himself to the cultivation of flowers. See your flowery meadow is one of the best feelings for anyone with a passion for nature.

The flowering plants, annual or perennial, are able to turn any outdoor space into a wonderful corner of paradise; rimpiendo color the garden, rather than the terrace of the house, we could really savor the long-awaited spring.

This time of year nature awakens; the fields are filled with small flowers spontaneously and plants begin to color shades of green. Obviously, there are many species of flowers that you can plant in the spring, depending on our personal taste and our requirements, you can choose from many varieties.

In this article, we offer a small selection of some of the spring flowers more common, beautiful and easy to grow, in order to give you some tips on managing them and on the characteristics of these mervagliose flowering plants.

Spring Flowers
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The Calendula

Calendula should not be without the list of spring flowers; with its bright colors, ranging from yellow to orange to deep red to brighten the garden and will immediately forget us in the chromatic monotony of winter just past.

There are about twenty different varieties, both for color and for size; you can choose the species that we like or respect the maggiormante our needs for space and color scheme.

In addition, Calendula, in addition to having beneficial properties of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, will attract in our lawn only the beneficial insects, especially useful during the holiday season.

The Nasturtium

As the Marigold, Nasturtium is also a plant with antibacterial properties and, in addition to producing beautiful flowers, will help to ward off harmful insects; excellent cooperation against parasites that thrive in the heat.

It is a variety of flowers Annual and much used for ornamental purposes; the Nasturtium prefers a position sunny and a ground not very rich; often it is used as a pendant or climbing plant.

Spring Flowers
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The Pansy

Perhaps the most classic flower associated with spring, pansy, with its huge variety of colors, allows us to crare infinite combinations to liven up any green space and really give a cheerful and natural to our outdoor spaces.

The pansies can be planted easily in both containers directly on the ground.

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The Lobelia

The Lobelia is a plant native to South Africa but can be easily grown in any Mediterranean climate; it belongs to the family Campanulaceae and includes both perennial plants and annual.

The Lobelia is very beautiful to decorate flowerbeds and vases or to create borders or large hedges in the garden; its flowers are small but very dense and numerous; shades ranging from blue-purple-sky blue to white and red.

This plant requires exposure shaded seeds, a well-draining soil and constant but never abundant irrigation.

Spring Flowers
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The Azalea

Despite being an abrusto, we have included in the selection because fioriesce early spring and because with its numerous varieties is a perfect plant to meet the needs of anyone who wants to give your garden beautiful notes of color.

Some varieties require much space because they can grow to more than 2 meters high; Azalea has a compact foliage and flowers in bright colors ranging from white to pink to red.

The Sutera Cordata

Known commonly as Bacopa, is a plant perennial tapezzante, which produces small flowers with five petals of color varies between yellow-white and purple-blue. Often are grown on terraces and balconies as drooping plant, it is also very beautiful as decoration in rock gardens.

The Bacopa needs a soil rich and well-drained soil and exposure in semi shade; It should add some slow release liquid fertilizer that ensures the right amount of minerals for the entire summer season.

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