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5 tips for a green wedding

Green wedding

We present alternatives that allow you not only save resources, but that will make your wedding a unique and harmonious event.

Convey a green message to all attendees. Reducing paper waste avoids excessive logging of trees; therefore, consider employing virtual invitations. Devises a cute design, accompanied by some original words to your guests. Do not forget to include basic information and a map. If it is essential to print some, because some relatives and friends do not have email, look for a printing company that use recycled paper or bamboo. There are a variety of designs and textures.

Memories full of life

Obsequies attendees ready to plant a small tree or a potted flower bulb, such as tulips or hyacinths; are useful memories that will last for long. You can also offer seeds, cotton little bags filled with herbs or organic tea bags. They will be the perfect touch! Read more

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