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Watering and feeding flowers

Watering and feeding flowers

We must water the plants we have in our homes to compensate for the lack of rain and changing conditions. To do this we must also find adequate nutrients to meet your needs. And it is that the roots planted in pots look in vain nutrients in the soil spontaneously.

The plant needs on a regular basis the intake of additional nutrients, especially during their period of growth or flowering. Do not forget however to give your plants a period of annual leave, spacing the frequency of irrigation and fertilizer application.

Watering and feeding flowers
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The main nutrients that our plants need are:

  • Potassium: Necessary for abundant flowering.It increases their resistance to disease.
  • Nitrogen: Necessary for roots, leaves and young shoots to grow up healthy and vigorous. It provides an intense color to leaves.
  • Phosphorus: Needed for root growth.
  • Magnesium: Important for growth of the plant, improving the synthesis of chlorophyll in the leaf.

Besides sulfur and calcium they are also beneficial for the development of our plants. Choose quality food for your houseplants. Save time, money and your plants will look even more dazzling.

Water and nutrients in one

Simply pour water soluble nutrient irrigation at the same time to give your plants need water and appropriate food. These soluble nutrients are available as pellets or powder fertilizer.

With these solutions as your plants will verify acquire a more intense green color, as its growth will accelerate and be helping their roots to grow more easily and with greater resistance to drought (because all we forget to water them once).

From April to September you let them regular contributions of fertilizer to your plants. Yes, always following the manufacturer’s instructions. And speaking of instructions, remember that each plant needs a specific fertilizer. If you’re not sure, learn in your shop specializing confidence.

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