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8 ideal plants to perfume the house

plants to perfume

The so-called “house plants” have different virtues and specific characteristics that make it highly recommended for indoor use of the house; many varieties are able to purify the air, others can be “soothing” and must help to lower our stress levels. Among all species, we can grow in our home there are some also perfect for scenting our rooms and create a more pleasant environment.

Very often for perfuming domestic environments, or simply to ward off unpleasant odors, it resorts to the use of chemicals, as well as having relatively high prices, can harm our health and the health of our pets.

A great way to work around this problem is to use a natural fragrance, and what could be better than a plant? Did they know that among the various species that can grow well even inside the house there are some particularly fragrant, whose aromas remain in the air, purifying it and helping to eliminate bad odors.

Often people think that the scented species, especially the most famous, can be grown only in the garden or on the terrace, in fact some varieties possess the right characteristics to survive well all inside.

plants to perfume
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1. The scented geranium

These have a variety of geranium foliage intensely fragrant, the leaves are beautiful and varied shades from different shapes and fragrances, depending on the species; small flowers can be colored white, burgundy or purple, depending on the species.

The most attractive feature of these plants is that they exist of different fragrances; the Tomentosum, for example, gives off the smell of mint, the Better Lemon to Lemon, the Subliguasum strawberry, the Prince of Orange in orange, the Odoratissimo apple and tangerine Citridorum. Moreover issued fragrances are not only pleasant to hear but useful to ward off mosquitoes.

The scented geranium fits easily in indoor environments, provided it is placed in a very bright area, sheltered from the currents and away from sources of heat in winter.

2. The Arab Gelsomino

The Arabian jasmine, or Jasminum Sambac, is easily recognized by the sweet scent of its flowers. This plant can also be grown easily in the home; it will be installed in a very bright place and protected from drafts, also it requires a more moist soil and is recommended to spray entirely with water once a week.

3. Citrus fruits

Cultivate a citrus indoors is much easier than it seems, these plants just need a lot of light and a little patience to be able to still enjoy their fruit; it is recommended to purchase a specimen already grown and grafted. Irrigation smooth and proper lighting are the keys to success in order to have at home a beautiful plant and deliciously scented.

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4. The Eucalyptus

Although most gardeners do not think eucalyptus as a houseplant, it is also possible to grow at home with great results. These very fragrant species require a well-protected from drafts and regular watering throughout the year.

5. Alloro

Laurel or Laurus nobilis, is a large shrub that can be turned into a small tree if grown in pots and properly pruned. It is an undemanding plant that, with average brightness and constant humidity, can be grown easily even in the home.

6. The Gardenia augusta

The gardenia is a very beautiful houseplant but gentle, whose flowers are intensely fragrant. During the spring and summer watering should be regular and it is recommended to spray the plant with lukewarm water and add a specific fertilizer, during the colder months should wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering again.

7. The Begonia Tea Rose

The Begonia Tea Rose is characterized by very scented inflorescence; its flowers are small, pink and very abundant. This plant requires exposure to light medium, protection from current and constant Tosso moisture. To get a really showy flowering is recommended adding a specific fertilizer to the soil in the spring and summer.

8. The Passionflower

Known as “Passion Flower”, the Passionflower is a plant of exotic origin really very attractive. Although not all varieties are aromatic, there are some pleasantly scented.

Being a kind creeper will need to sustain its growth with a special structure; it needs a very bright area, a more moist soil rather than a wet and a specific fertilizing in spring and summer.

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