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How to grow lavender in pots garden and balcony

grow lavender in pots

The practical guide on how to grow lavender in pots in your garden or balcony that many of you have been waiting for is finally here!

Lavender is one of the most used plants and appreciated since ancient times to cleanse, deodorize and heal the body. The very name ‘lavender’, derived from the Latin ‘wash’ verb. Lavender grows wild throughout the basin Mediterranean, but can be grown easily in the garden and in your terraces and balconies, which offers stunning decorative blooms from persistent and intoxicating fragrance.

Let us see how to grow lavender in pots and in the garden to add a touch of liveliness to our gardens or terrace and balcony: find out together all the tips and practical advice on cultivation techniques of this wonderful plant so beautiful, fragrant, colorful but mostly useful for its many beneficial properties.

grow lavender in pots
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How to grow lavender in the garden: What do you need?

Lavender can be grown from cuttings or by seed, preferably in the fall or early spring when the weather is milder. If you decide to proceed with the cultivation by cuttings, you must obtain the long stems at least 10 cm and bury in pots or directly in the ground.

The most important prerequisite for understanding how to grow lavender in the garden is the choice of space is required: to be a garden area sufficiently sunny, windy, not damp and away from other plants that could limit development.

The watering must be regular, but not plentiful. To grow lush, in fact, lavender needs a lot of light and a little water and a well-drained soil that avoids the formation of dangerous stagnation for the health of the plant.

During the growing season, from March to May, you can fertilize the soil to promote the development of the aerial parts of the plant and get even more abundant blooms.

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How to grow lavender in pots on the balcony and terraces: How and When to sow?

After seeing how to grow lavender in the garden, try to learn the secrets of growing this lovely aromatic herb in pots. To know how to grow lavender in pots , perhaps to beautify a terrace or give a touch of liveliness to the balcony, you just get a handful of seeds or a couple of cuttings, a nice tall, large pot, a good dry soil and a little expanded clay which will locate at the bottom of the vessel to facilitate the drainage.

If you decide to engage yourself in the cultivation of lavender in pots, remember that during the spring it will be necessary to transplant the plant and the change of the land must always be fresh and drained.

Just as we saw in the previous section on how to grow lavender in the garden or in the garden, even in the case of growing in pots we will place the pot with lavender plant in a place sunny and breezy and proceed to watering minor.

grow lavender in pots
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Final advice on how to grow lavender in pots or in the garden

Whatever the space available for growing lavender, remember that:

  • To promote water drainage is advisable to mix the soil with organic material
  • The first fertilization must be carried out at least two years after planting, preferably with a product BIO
  • Lavender reaches the climax of its development after three years from planting
  • Lavender should be pruned every year, immediately after flowering
  • During the winter it is appropriate to protect the plant from the cold

Being a fairly hardy and tenacious plant, lavender does not need special care, but if you carefully follow our simple tips on how to grow lavender in pots, be able to grow this plant in your garden so vigorous and healthy.

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