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Types of flower packaging

Types of flower packaging

Packing for flowers can be very different, as are the ways of decorating a composition. It does not matter why flowers are presented as a gift, where it is more important to provide a presentable bouquet and to impress the recipient because the beauty of a flower arrangement or a bouquet is often judged on the packaging.Types of flower packaging

Materials for the production of flower packaging

Packing for the decoration of bouquets can be both synthetic and natural. The first type includes:

  • Transparent film – monophonic or ornamented with various shades. The most budgetary and common material for registration;
  • Organza – this fabric of bright colors is used, as a rule, for the winding of stalks.
  • Artificial mesh – a variety of color and shape of the material. It can be monophonic, decorated with lurex, etc. It often goes hand-in-hand with feeling, since it combines well with it. Excellent hold the form and can act as an independent element of the decor;Types of flower packaging

Of the natural materials for packaging flowers can be identified such solutions:

  • Felt – light and soft, it seems to have been created for the decoration of a scattering of flowers. Can be both monophonic and decorated print;
  • Sisal is obtained from the leaves of the agave and is used mainly for the connection of plants with short or medium length stems. Whimsical in terms of selecting a color solution, so to prevent visual “heavier” bouquet, florists use the packaging of those shades that occur in the composition;
  • Jute mesh and fiber – a package with a natural appearance, as if created for registration of a status business bouquet. It gives the composition austerity and presentability.Types of flower packaging

What are the ribbons of flowers?

Tapes in floristry can have a different width, density, and color. In addition, amazes and abundance of materials of manufacture: there are satin and polypropylene, metalized, imitation sheet aspidistra, etc. Often they are additionally decorated with strips of lurex and other threads, paillettes, beads.

In any case, the ribbon is selected depending on the type of colors used and the theme of the celebration. So, romantic bouquets can be supplemented with a lace ribbon.Types of flower packaging

Ways of packing a bouquet

Today, florists give preference to everything natural, and the real trend of recent times is naturalness and minimalism. Ordinary paper, ribbon or organza can emphasize the freshness of field or garden flowers. And in jute mesh pack tulips or a bouquet of royal roses.Types of flower packaging

The simplest version of design – a wide satin ribbon girdles the stems in 2-3 girths or completely drape the bottom of the bouquet. You can use a combination of several packaging materials, for example, lace with thick paper or artificial mesh with felt.

Thanks to the imagination of the masters of the most familiar materials for the packaging of flowers, real works of art are created!

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