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7 Tips for cultivating cut flowers

Cultivating flowers

Having one outdoor space, whether it be a garden, large or small, or a terrace, is always a great blessing, especially for those who had a passion for plants and flowers. If you love flowers and want to also use them to adorn the rooms of the house or make great bouquet to give away at every opportunity excellent idea it is to cultivate species adapted to be severed.

Have in their garden some species of flowers ideal to be cut is a great way to save money in the purchase of expensive bouquets and to be able to bring into the home a little of nature.

The flowers are valuable allies in the design of home environments; the beauty of a bouquet colorful and fragrant can literally transform the atmosphere of a room, also the flowers are always appreciated gifts and can brighten our home and change our mood. Read more

7 tips gardening


As decorate a garden or a terrace with beautiful plants and flowers! Do you dare to be considered “a whole gardener”? We indicate some simple, basic but very important tips for both your garden pots to your home or terrace, so you always have a “very lively” and with excellent color plants. Note that a healthy plant is a plant that will have less risk of catching pests. Read more

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