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Houseplants for Beginners


Have you ever had plants at home but have you encouraged cultivating? I Afraid of the many things I have told you that you have to know? Do not worry because we want to give you a hand with your first houseplants, and so we have made a small guide with basic tips to know how to cultivate a plant.

Do not panic because with our advice you will not need advanced knowledge or an arsenal of tools to care for plants. So that they remain beautiful all year just need to give regular attention and follow some simple rules such as those discussed below.

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Optimum temperature

Indoor plants need a constant temperature, so you should avoid strong temperature variations. Drafts and window frames where they are exposed to cold are equally harmful. Indoor plants grow conveniently at a temperature of 20 degrees approximate, with some exceptions such as cyclamen, which prefer a cool temperature of between 10 and 15 degrees. Some like blue senecio tolerate even lower temperatures.

Ideal lighting

Most indoor plants need lots of light, although some species (mainly plants bushy green leaves) prefer shade. Flowering plants or species of striped or mottled leaves only adapt to a very bright place. Direct sunlight (the noon) in summer is bad for all house plants, except cacti and succulents. In winter, a little ray of sunshine cannot do them harm.

Humidity supporting

Our modes of heating dry the air, something that does not sit well with almost any houseplants. Did you know that in winter the central heating dries the air as much as the one in the Sahara? Therefore we regularly vaporize winter leaves our houseplants or create one another micro climate bringing them together.

Irrigation necessary

Although irrigation is the simplest gesture, we must be careful because it is the leading cause of death of houseplants. Avoid watering your plants at random. First check soil conditions finger. If the soil is dry before watering expected.

There is no fixed rule for each plant. Depending on the season and their place, plants have different water needs.


Like all living organisms, plants must be fed to keep growing. A land for fresh pots contains all the necessary nutrients for at least 6 weeks. After this time you have to think about fertilize.

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