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Plants and flowers to give joy to your home

Plants and flowers

What joy gives plants and flowers in a house! It is a way to bring nature to your home, fill it with life and color … And you can do it in any room. With these ideas I teach you today decorating your rooms will get a very special way thanks to the use of these elements that give a fresh touch to your home and you can enter as you like and are that the plants and flowers filled with positivity that corner where unique. They are able to give vitality, joy, create a romantic atmosphere or country style … Let’s see how…

The chose

The first thing you must consider is how much light and what needs precise temperature the plant in question depending on where the go to locate, so you always look at its best, healthy and beautiful.

Plants and flowers
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At the office

Let’s start decorating one of my favorite rooms in the house: the office. Here you can also put plants! Of course! It is important that the work area you feel comfortable and at ease, so that the color of a flower will help design spaces cheerful and welcoming. You can place on the ground to not fill the work surface with most things, some bamboos that favor relaxation and concentration or flowers of colors to give life to this room where you may spend long periods…

In the kitchen

Another place where I love plants place is in the kitchen. Here the most beautiful may be the aromatic as well as convenient since at any given time will help you in your culinary creations. Basil or mint also impregnate stays a terrific aroma. It all adds up.

Plants and flowers
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With land in sight

Almost as important as the plant itself is the container where unique. And it also helps to create a unique decor if you choose properly, or spoil the composition guess right you intended to do if the choice. A very original way of placing it in pots or glass vases to leave the land in sight, Orchids are great, for example, in transparent containers.

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Another of my favorite plants to decorate is succulent. You can opt for a small size or other larger; I remember this article where you can find ideas for decorating with these plants.

Plants and flowers
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Not missing, either, plants outside of your home. If you have a balcony, terrace or garden, or if you can even put in a window, flowers and plants full of life these corners outdoors. You have many options; you remember to opt for those that are well adapted to the climatic conditions in which live in the area.

Large plants in the living room

On the other hand, green plants, without flowers are also very decorative and bring nature into the interior of your home. In the living room, for example, are wonderful those of large size (if you have space for it, of course), for example, with long slender stems and large leaves. You will fill inert nooks and will become the focal point of the room.

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