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Roses: Tips for the land and irrigation


Some practical advice to give our roses the right soil and the right amount of water, in order to have healthy plants and thrived.

The rose is not per a delicate plant but is demanding in the soil, humidity, in the pruning and fertilization. A good fertilization allows our growing vigorous roses producing abundant and lasting blooms. A healthy plant is a plant that resists even better to pests. At the base of damaged plants from pests during the summer there is often a shortage of nutrients in the soil.

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The rose has indeed need for its different parts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium. Nitrogen stimulates plant growth and makes the leaves take on a dark green color. Phosphorus serves mainly to the development of the roots, potassium intensifies the color of the flowers, strengthens the plant’s resistance to frost and from certain diseases like the rust, the “cancer” of roses. Iron and manganese prevent yellowing and leaf drop. Calcium is essential for growth, is present in all soils except in those acids, where it is necessary to add calcium nitrate.

The watering the roses do not require special rules than other plants, but care must be taken two good rules.

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The first is that the water must reach all over the root system and not only a part, and then when it is necessary to distribute the watering water all around the plant and not only in a zone because by doing so the plant would be subjected to a stress significant vegetation and could only develop on the receiving water, while the other could starve to death.

The second one is not worth the little rule and often: watering every day with a little water does not grow well the plant which requires abundant watering twice a week. The amount is linked to the nature of the terrain, the season, climate and exposure.

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