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How to plant bulbs Crocus


Saffron Crocus sativus scientifically called, is a bulbous Fall belonging to the family of the Iridaceae. Its origin is located in modern Turkey. It is used as a spice and has a high value, being the most sought saffron cultivated worldwide.

It can reach a height of 15 to 20 cms. Its flowers are purple color and are made up of 6 petals.

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Recommended planting date. As a bulbous Fall is advisable to plant the bulbs between the months of September and December.

How to plant bulbs crocus. Plant the bulbs at a depth of 5 cm and 7 cm separation between them.

Flowering. Flowering takes place in the months of March and April, for about 20 days this.

Suitable climate. It is a plant that is adapted to dry, temperate and warm climates. While enduring drought and frost. Although the latter if they are very intense affect flowering plant.

I recommended for soil cultivation. You need deep soil, soft and well worked.

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Irrigation. Should water sparingly, without causing water logging. We will endure well a period of drought.

Tips crops. It is advisable that are exposed to sun and prior to planting is due to make a basal dressing with organic matter.

Saffron plant bulbs in pots. Us to lodge planting crocus bulbs without any problems, you must choose a suitable to the number of bulbs you want to plant pot.

Pests and diseases that can affect the saffron. Its cultivation can be seen by the appearance of various fungi.

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