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What Is Mechanical Weeding?

Weeding is a practice that involves controlling the proliferation of weeds and weeds. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, weeding is beneficial for the growth of plantations (flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, etc.) in your garden or orchard. Among the various techniques related to this practice, mechanical weeding is the most recommended method due to its advantages. What should be remembered about mechanical weeding? Read more

Bacillus subtilis, use in agriculture for the prevention of fungal diseases

Bacillus subtilis is a bacterium of the genus Bacillus naturally present in the soil. In organic farming it is used as an effective fungicide to prevent the most common diseases of horticultural and fruit crops. It is also known by the name pasture bacillus. Or hay and its use represent a valid alternative to classic fungicidal products, such as copper. Unlike the latter, Bacillus subtilis does not present toxicity risks to plants and the environment in general. Read more

How to grow saffron, the famous “red gold”

Cultivating saffron is an agricultural practice that is making a strong comeback in our countryside. It is a flowering plant generated by a bulb, which gives us a precious spice with a high commercial value. With the return of young people to agriculture, the production of saffron pistils can be a very attractive crop choice. This is particularly valid in rural areas and on small lands, which do not require large material investments. Obviously, cultivating saffron can also be dictated by simple passion, given the beauty of its flower, so it can also be planted in a home garden without expecting large yields. Read more

How to grow beans

Growing beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris ) can give great satisfaction to fans of the home garden. It is a food capable of providing a high protein value, at low cost and with excellent organoleptic qualities. These characteristics make it the most famous of the legumes. Furthermore, precisely for these reasons, the bean boasts a long tradition in the agriculture of our countryside. Read more

How to Incorporate Oak Into Your Home

The first step in updating a room with oak is to consider the colour and texture. The wood has a yellow-orange tone that can look out of place with certain colours. A more neutral tone that works well with oak would be blue or white. If the oak is too bright in your house, try a contrasting accent colour to balance out the overall look. A contrasting accent wall will also make the oak pop. A light and airy space would be best, so you can incorporate a light blue paint on the walls to make it stand out.

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To incorporate the colour of oak into the room, start with the kitchen. Large stretches of oak cabinetry can overwhelm a kitchen design so to counteract this problem, choose a focal point for the oak. Another good option is to use an accent wall to set off the wood. A simple use of wood will not distract from the other elements in the room but instead create.a light, airy space that will make the room look spacious.

Decorative pieces can be incorporated around the oak cabinetry to bring in colour. Glass vases, dish towels, and ceramic planters can reflect your style. Small appliances and lights also add to the ambiance of the room. Selecting the right type of lighting will also complement the rest of the decor. It’s important to consider the existing architecture and aesthetic before selecting oak elements to incorporate.

Oak furniture brings with it a warm neutral hue. It will blend with other materials and fabrics and bring out the natural colour of the oak. However, if the oak is too dark, you can use warm neutral paint with yellow or orange undertones to lift the shade. This will blend the wood with other colours and make it look more appealing.

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One of the best ways to incorporate oak is to use it to build an extension or garage to complement your property. Oak has a wonderful natural and traditional look which blends in easily with a whole range of other building materials. For more information on Oak Garages, go to a company site like https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-framed-garages

Oak is ideal for blending well with contemporary features so an oak framed garage can work just as well with a modern property as with a period home. Even in a highly modern interior, a flash of oak panel or cabinetry can give the room a rustic, country feel as well as bringing in elements of nature.

Too much oak cabinetry can overwhelm and make a room feel too heavy. Offset this with tiles or a large area rug to level the weight of the space and make it more balanced.

How to Take Care of Plants and Trees? 6 Tips and Some Recommendations

how to take care of plants and trees

Trees are one of the most precious natural resources we have and, despite this, it is also one of the most mistreated dailies. Trees help us from producing the oxygen we breathe to helping alleviate the effects of climate change and the stove effect in large urban centers. Many people worry about how to take care of plants and trees. If we talk about houseplants, we need not worry. Read more

How to Plant Orchids? Step by Step Guideline

How to plant orchids

Orchids are a whole family of plants with more than 25,000 species to their credit. These are flowers in a very characteristic way, which can be of a large number of colors and which are increasingly popular as gift flowers. They are currently spread across virtually the entire world but are especially important in India, Madagascar, China, and the Himalayas. Read more

What are the plants that bloom in winter?

plants that bloom in winter

For those who like gardening, it is good to know that with the arrival of the cold does not end at the flowering of plants in different ways, but especially with various tricks, you can have a corner of the garden always in bloom.


The cold months require a careful preservation of plants from climate changes, especially by unexpected frosts. The change of temperature also gives us colorful gardens, thanks to the presence of numerous plants, such as the cyclamen.

This common plant often embellishes balconies and flower beds. Its flowering varies depending on when the seeds were planted: in fact, cyclamen have been planted in the fall season can extend their flowering until winter. The thing to remember is not to be overlooked is that the cyclamen fears frost: for this reason it is preferable to place it in the house, away from the currents and the heaters too hot.

Besides the cyclamen, there are many other plants that bloom in winter, maybe less known but equally beautiful. Let’s see some. Read more

Jasmine: Planting, Care And Reproduction At Home

Jasmine: Planting, Care And Reproduction At Home

The object of pride of any gardener, both professional and novice amateur, are the plants, striking with their beauty and unusualness, planted on the site. The most attractive plants with confidence include jasmine bushes. The aroma of this flower is familiar to everyone since childhood – the sweet-exotic smell makes your head spin, fills everything around with a delicious fragrance. Spreading bushes with white flowers in the shape of stars never cease to amaze with their indescribable beauty. Read more

Lampranthus Plant Care: How to Do It Perfectly?

lampranthus plant care

The Lampranthus, also known as radio de sol, men or cat’s claw, is a plant widely used in gardening and decoration for its beautiful flowers. Also, some parts of the plant are consumed as part of natural medicine to prevent and treat some ailments. For all this, many people want to have one of these beautiful plants in their home. If you want to learn more about the amaranthus plant care, join us in this article. Read more

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