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How to plant gladiolus

plant gladiolus

The gladiolus, whose scientific name is ssp Gladiolus, belongs to the family of the Iridaceae and is a bulbous perennial plant. Its origin is in Europe, Asia and tropical Africa. Its cultivation is very simple and beautifully decorate our gardens.

Date recommended for cultivation. The gladiolus is advisable to plant from January to June because it is a spring bulb.

How to plant gladiolus bulbs. The bulbs the sow at a distance of 12 cm between them at a depth of 10 cms other. 

plant gladiolus
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Flowering. Flowering takes place from July to September.

Suitable climate. Gladiolus prefers mild climates or cold or hot too, an appropriate temperature would be between 20 and 25 degrees.

It suitable soil for planting gladiolus. You need soil that drain well, very rich in humus. Although it is a plant that fits almost all types of soil. It is advisable not to plant them in the same ground as in previous years to prevent pests and diseases.

Subscriber needs. Gladioli are demanding in nutrients so they require a subscriber with organic matter.

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Watering. It is advisable to water them regularly at the beginning of the planting subsequently allowing sufficient irrigation withstand moisture.

Growing tips. We must never let lacks water because otherwise it may not flower.

Plant gladiolus in pots. We can grow gladiolus in pots or window boxes without any problems, depending on the number of bulbs you want to plant these should be larger or smaller, the recommended depth of the pot or planter should be at least about 30 cms.

Pests and crop diseases gladioli. The most important pests that can affect aphids and thrips are. As we highlight the disease botrytis, rust and viral diseases.

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