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5 Gardening tips to follow soon

Gardening tips

Whether you have a green thumb or that there propitiate at all costs without being able to make your garden as you would like, do not worry! With 5 tips for gardening to follow soon become real magicians and can finally and easily create a place almost enchanted and full of greenery.

They never as in the rest of the summer, given the very warm temperatures and little myths, care and dedication to the garden and the garden are key to making your lush corner of nature. Whether you own a garden, you have a vegetable garden or just you to grow potted plants, here are five gardening tips that you should follow immediately.

Gardening tips
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  1. Gardening tips to follow immediately: Planting a tomato plant with a tomato

will not believe it but to grow a tomato plant in a pot and quickly, you’ll have to do is simply use a tomato. Take and a mature and cut into slices not too thin, prepared in a jar of the earth, positioned the distributing tomato slices for the entire surface and still cover with the damp earth. In a short span of time you will see the birth of small green leaves, the tomato seedlings will give birth to a little later the same tomato that have cut into slices.

  1. Gardening tips to follow immediately: Use the shell of the egg

You prepare omelet or a quiche or when enjoying a boiled egg, please keep the shell. Among the five gardening tips to follow immediately in fact, it will be just the shell of the star. To protect plants from pests fact, nothing is more useful: sprinkle shells reduced to small pieces like confetti the base of the plants and again cover the earth. The health of your green will be assured.

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  1. Gardening tips to follow immediately: The coffee grounds are precious

We Italians without their coffee cannot stay, here is a useful idea and special to make the coffee as well as tasty also fruitful, how? Use the coffee grounds as allies for gardening. Used together to the ground, they act as natural fertilizers really impeccable. This gardening advice you cannot help but to follow, given the ease.

  1. Gardening tips to follow immediately: Create the comfortable watering cans with little

If you want to comfortably watering your garden, but above all the plants you have in the balcony, use a watering can actually created by you. The old containers of detergents or other liquid soaps, will be perfect for this purpose: to prick their cap and the game will be made.

  1. Gardening tips to follow immediately: Do not throw the vegetables

When prepared vegetables, preserved scraps that do not cook: parliamentarian in a jar with a little of the earth will see the birth of planting vegetables. In short, not just seeds, but also what you have at home will allow you to have a green thumb by real gardeners.

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