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Benefits of Consulting a Design Firm for an Interior Design Project

Hiring specialists is an important step for some of us in starting projects. Getting specialists involved is a fantastic idea whether you want opinions or another informed mind to assist you in making the proper selections. The same may be said about residential interior design Boston, MA. Your interior area is where you will spend a lot of time. Therefore, you will always see it. As a result, you must ensure that it appeals to you. A nice environment may truly improve your attitude and make you more productive. However, it takes skills and years of expertise to ensure that the area is useful, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some things you need to remember when hiring an interior designer: Read more

How To Extend The Life Of Roses In A Vase?

How To Extend The Life Of Roses In A Vase?

Unfortunately, the myth that flowers presented with love will stand in a vase for an incomparably long time is far from reality. Often presented with pure flower bouquets wither in a couple of days. The reason for this is the greenhouse conditions in which roses are grown for sale. Getting into the homely atmosphere, they are simply not able to preserve their original beauty for a long time. It is possible to prolong the life of the donated plants by providing their usual flora. Read more

Fresh Flowers In The Bathroom

Fresh Flowers In The Bathroom

You can relax and unwind after a hard and troublesome day at work in nature, in a sauna, or just at home, wrapped in a blanket with a favorite book in your hands or a TV remote control. Many people like to just take a shower, lie down in a warm bathtub filled with fragrant foam. To make your stay even more comfortable and relaxing, you should take care not only of aroma oils, salts, and foams, which help relieve stress, tension, and fatigue but also about the interior of the room itself. Read more

How To Pack A Bouquet Of Flowers?

How To Pack A Bouquet Of Flowers?

Creating a flower arrangement implies an interesting design that is suitable for the person you would like to please with a bouquet of flowers. The gifts of nature – the most desirable gift that can express the whole range of feelings of the giver. How to properly pack a bouquet of flowers to complement the composition, to decorate it, but to avoid “weighting” and not create a situation when the package distracts attention from the wonderful gifts of nature? Read more

How To Care For An Orchid In A Pot?

How To Care For An Orchid In A Pot?

Orchid – the real queen of the home greenhouse. Any grower, even a beginner, recognizes her among thousands of other plants by her wide brilliant leaves and gorgeous flowers. Sometimes it is flowering, long and intense, that becomes the determining factor in choosing an orchid in a flower shop. But the joyful owners of this flower often encounter a lot of problems in the process of leaving, as this plant is very demanding in almost everything – from choosing a pot to moisture in the air. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously approach the study of how to care for an orchid at home. Read more

What Flowers to Choose to Create a Wedding Composition?

What Flowers to Choose to Create a Wedding Composition?

The creation of a wedding composition of flowers to decorate this solemn event depends on such factors as the time of year, the style of dresses and the aesthetic taste of the married. Due to the breadth of the choice of the flower assortment on the market, it is sometimes difficult to decide which flowers to choose for creating a wedding composition. Consider the most popular flowers that are used in wedding floristic.

What Flowers to Choose to Create a Wedding Composition?Decorative roses

Roses, undoubtedly, are in the lead among the flowers used in wedding bouquets. They have long symbolized love and beauty. Roses have the property to fit perfectly into any style, and to approach different compositions. By itself, a bouquet of fresh roses looks delicious. They are in harmony with elegant wedding dresses and do not lose their freshness for a long time. Another plus of these colors is a wide color palette.

Spring tulips

These flowers are still considered spring, although today they can be bought at any time of the year. Tulips symbolize tenderness, love. Variety of varieties and a rich color palette of tulips make it possible to realize any creative idea and achieve the desired result. Using these colors in the wedding composition will make the bouquet look fresh throughout the celebration. When you create a composition, you use bright colors and a contrast effect.

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Elegant peonies

The lushness, tenderness, and stylishness of these colors made them popular at wedding celebrations. They look great both in a separate bouquet and in combination with other colors of the composition. Peon season is the end of spring and the beginning of the summer period. Although you can buy them at other times of the year if you want.

Pion-shaped roses

These flowers are used in compositions of weddings arranged in European style. Tenderness, chic, delicacy of pin-shaped roses made in Europe these flowers the leaders of wedding floristics. Due to the fragrance and sophisticated figure, many fans have found fans around the world.

What flowers to choose to create a wedding composition?Exotic orchids

Despite the exotic nature, today there is an opportunity to purchase orchids in any flower kiosk. Flowers have a unique charm and elegant appearance. With a certain skill of the florist, the composition will delight guests and add to the image of the bride romantic.

Japanese roses

These flowers are also called lisianthus or eustoma. They really look like miniature roses. They have such qualities as organic and tenderness. Plants are very fastidious to temperature changes, so it is not recommended to use them in winter.

Aristocratic Callas

Callas symbolize luxury, prosperity, wealth. They are used at wedding celebrations, arranged in a classical style. Thanks to the large flowers of calls, shaped like a bowl, the composition is filled with tenderness and expressiveness.

Fragile anemones

The vulnerability, tenderness, elegance of the anemone create the same romantic image for the bride. A contrast and style make the composition refined and delicious.

What flowers to choose to create a wedding composition?Elegant freesias

The aroma of freesias, which is inherent in tenderness, elegance, will be a perfect addition to a complex wedding composition or a bouquet of the bride.


These plants are quite popular due to their good compatibility with other plants in wedding compositions. They give the bouquet airiness and volume. Plants are capricious to a temperature regime, therefore at a strong heat or a cold to use them do not recommend.

In addition to these plants, gerberas, alstroemerias, carnations, lilies, chamomiles, etc. are used in wedding compositions. With the right approach, a beautiful wedding composition can be created by any combination of representatives of the flora. Used in wedding bouquets are also various decor elements.

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What Flowers Decorate The Temple?

The tradition to decorate the temple for holidays in Orthodoxy goes back deep into the past. A special decoration for each Orthodox celebration is a mystery and usually differs in color and composition of plants. It can be both living and artificial flowers, and the temple with this decoration remains a sacred place for believers and prayers.

A special culture of Orthodoxy

Wherever the temple was located, whether it be a huge metropolis or a small village, believers will always find a way to decorate the House of God in a special way on the eve of a church holiday. People are very sensitive to the place where you can find answers to your questions, find peace of mind and pray.

Many grow plants themselves on site, someone buys flowers especially for the holiday in the store or creates from the fabric luxurious artificial flowers that cannot be distinguished from the real ones. However, there are special traditions for the decoration of the temple, which should be taken into account and, in order not to do something irrelevant, it is better to consult a priest who will definitely support and direct.

For the Orthodox Church, the main thing is the God who is invisibly present nearby, and those who came to the temple to pray, and the flowers are of a secondary nature. The use of flower garlands, compositions near the royal gates should be such as not to distract the attention of believers from the sacrament of prayer and from the icons.

In addition, every church festival has its own color in the vestments of clergymen. This should be taken into account when choosing the color of plants and the composition of floral arrangements. Easter is painted in red shades, and this color imposes an imprint on the flower arrangement of the holiday.

What flowers to choose to decorate the temple? Of course, uncritical tones, calm and emphasizing the greatness and steadfastness of the temple and faith, the icons and the reverence of the prayers. More and more people tend to decorate the temple with cut flowers, but the presence of plants in pots is also acceptable.

As a variant of this decoration, you can use those plants that were grown at home and then brought to the temple. After the holiday, you can take them home again. It can be:

  • asparagus;
  • palm;
  • aralia;
  • ficauses;

These green representatives of indoor flowers perfectly blend with flowering pot plants: chrysanthemums, aralia, begonias, callas, hydrangeas. These flowering representatives of the flora can also decorate the church feast on their own.

You can also use artificial flowers, as in the old days they were decorated with icons, cakes. However, they must be made of quality materials and in a highly artistic style.

Flowers that cannot decorate the temple

The fact is that there are plants that are not accepted to enter the temple. These include those representatives of the flora, which have thorns and thorns. In the Orthodox culture, it is not customary to bring to the temple the instruments of torture of Christ. Such specimens include acacia, hawthorn, and dog rose. Roses also remove thorns before decorating the temple.

Also, to plants that are unacceptable for the decoration of icons, include poisonous or “spell” representatives of the flora, who participate in cult rituals and “love potions”. This is hemp, cow-grass, bleached, sleep-grass, Ludlum.

In addition, those flowers that have a strong sweetish smell are not used – it can cause headaches or dizziness in believers. Such inflorescences include some species of lilies, jasmine, cherry branches – all those plants, the smell of which can kill the unique aroma of the church room.

Special holiday atmosphere

To create a special mood of reverence in the great holiday today, many different adaptations and construction tricks are used. To fix floral garlands or small bouquets use mounting foam, building glue, all kinds of guns and nozzles. This allows you to create a unique aura of solemnity, and thus fastenings do not damage the plants themselves and the decoration of the temple.

Decorating the temple with flowers for Easter creates a special atmosphere, joy, and grace. Here often use a harmonious multi-color design. Any floral frame is done with the knowledge of the priest. By his blessing, a garland of thirty-three carnations – according to the number of years of Christ, lined with candles “Christ is raised!” Or the decoration of the icon of the Blessed Virgin with white lilies can be made, as a reminder of her purity and purity.

But the decoration of the temple uses traditional Russian plants, rather than imported varieties of flowers. So, for Christmas, it is customary to decorate the temple with coniferous branches or even whole small trees. In addition to the symbolism of eternal life (evergreen plants), this decoration allows you to feel the sensation of the sacrament, which takes place in the temple.

On Palm Sunday, believers decorate the temple with flowering willow branches and bring candles with flowers in the form of fluffy balls of this plant for consecration. In southern latitudes, where spring has already entered its rights, decorate the temple with the help of branches of weeping willow, which is otherwise called the Jerusalem willow.


10 plants to purify the house from indoor pollutants


A handbook of plants to purify the house from indoor pollutants that cause diseases and headaches. A green solution at no cost to have a nice house and “clean”

A living room filled with plants and flowers is definitely full of charm and surround ourselves with the green has proven effects on our mood and our health. If we learn to choose the right plants to purify the environment, we can significantly reduce the concentration of pollutants in the rooms where we spend most of the time. This natural remedy will help us to live better, tutelandoci from respiratory illnesses and headaches related to pollution indoors. Read more

Prepare the spring blooms: Flower bulbs in boxes

A flowered balcony everyone likes, especially if the blooms are to coincide with the arrival of spring.

When planting bulbs

If you act in time many bulbs will color your terraces and window sills since mid-March. The cassettes to house with spring flowering bulbs should be prepared at this time: it starts in mid-October and it is possible to go on for the entire month of November.

The specimens to be planted are varied, the most common are the dwarf tulips, narcissus, trumpet, and a sample Chinodoxa or less typical as Scilla sibirica .

During the autumn the bulbs period through a phase of vegetative rest, even if they are not completely inactive, in fact during this period are able to develop the root system . Read more

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